Poops in the middle of fetch

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I have a little issue. I'm currently working on my dog either barking or pushing a bell to let me know he is ready to use the bathroom. I have had to issues, he doesn't give me any warning signs and in the middle of playing in the house at times he will just stop to take a poop. I have been able to catch it and get him out in time to go outside. I think that I have a fix for that problem. The other issue is that in the middle of playing fetch coming back in a full sprint he will stop and start pooping usually about 20' away so I cant get to him before he starts. I would like to take him to the local middle school but they only have turf and they made it very clear that he cannot use the bathroom on the field for poop or pee. This is one of the only open spots close to my house so I don't want to burn any bridges. What can I do to train him when it's time to play and when it's time to go outside. I'm worried about stopping him in the middle and then he is confused on where to go. I will usually try to walk him for about 10 minutes before hand until he poops but there are time when I know he has to but he just wont go. Thanks in advance.


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Well thats the first i have heard someone wanting their dog to tell them when to poop!

When Abby and Jeter were small, I would hang around after they had their breakfast.

Dogs tend to poop after eating or exercise. So when they started looking for comfortable spot to poop i would say "Bathroom"

When they finished they would get a treat.

After about two weeks, I started saying "bathroom" before their breakfast and sure enough, they started looking for a spot and would come back for breakfast.

After a while i would say bathroom and what little they had they would go at any time of day, before walks, visits or vet.

My point is you need to train your dog to go on command (not hold on until..) and plan for his movements for your and your dogs convenience.