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Hi am Calvin . A week back a friend of mine wanted to send away his 35 days old Doberman-lab mix so i brought him home . He is very active and sleeps indoors. Does his potty outside at all time. Drinks milk 5 times with some buiscuits. I make him walk twice a day to tire him out. He is 45 days old, got his fist combined vaccine shot too .


Comfortable with collar too but when should i start leash training him ?? PLEASE advice. 8 out of 10 times he sits wen i say 'SIT' n raise my hand n then pop a puppy treat to him. People kindly advice on how to train him n WHEN to start training. 

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Hi Calvin,

35 days is very young for a pup to be away from its mother. 8wks is usually the recommended age to bring a puppy home. You are going to have to work hard to socialize him with both humans and other dogs. He needs to learn how to communicate with other dogs especially, as he has missed out on that from his litter mates at a crucial time.

I think you need to be wary of him being overprotective of you too, which hopefully will be fixed in the socialization process. I would invite friends and family around for the socialization aspect.

I don't know when vaccinations occur where you are, but I would start leash training asap in your yard and around the house now.

Once he's fully vaccinated go for it!

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My two dobes were hand raised, and as good as they are with their training they are a total terror when it comes to other animals!

make sure you go to dog school or something, socialise your dog or you will go through the hell I have for the last two years.

you can positive reward train him right now but I would not walk him around until he has his vaccinations.

Here is a video list that helped me alot http://dogmantics.com/free-video-list/