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I have no idea how to resize this picture. Photobucket has made so many changes since I last used it. Anyhow, hopefully you get at least one shot of our sweet boy. Things are going well. He is growing like a weed, eating like a horse and galloping through the house at mock speed. He does sit, down, shake, wait, but he doesn't always come when called. Any suggestions for that? Loves his crate, and he lets us know when it's time to eat by bringing us his food container and waiting inside the crate. I don't wait for him to be ready to come out, I just wake him up every half hour if he's sleeping or take him out if he's awake. He sleeps about 6 hours by my bed in his crate during the night. He is sweet and snugly. We had some people over who brought their dog, even tho I was unaware the dog was coming. He raced into the house and lurched at Kaiser, scaring him. We scolded the dog, but he is a fraidy cat, and I think he was glad to have something he could scare. A few minutes later, he tried it again, and Cali, my golden, jumped in, snarled at him and pinned him down for a moment then kept herself between Kaiser and the other dog the rest of the time. I never loved her so much as in that moment. She is not so fond of the puppy herself, but she obviously knew he is now family, and jumped to defend him. I don't think their dog is very stable, and he is not well trained at all. 

Another question, how to get Kaiser to stop annoying Cali with his barking. She is very content to sleep with him next to her, and to let him play with toys near her, but the barking to get her to play irritates her. What do you think? Thanks in advance for all advice.


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About photos I usually resize them to about 2m then use the function here in the menu, there are directions in other posts too.

Your Puppers is SO CUTE and its nice to know that his new big sis Cali is ready to defend him. What a special story about waiting to be fed inside his crate!

Its probably best to let your potential visitors know that you dont need any unstable dogs over unexpectedly traumatizing your puppy. Look up fear imprint stages. All of his life experiences need to be as rosy and positive as possible.

JMHO< I am not a trainer ...about training, the best thing to have is high value tasty treats for exactly when they are responding properly to your commands which you need to be clear about what you want. i/e if you use 'quiet' and he is quiet just for a moment give him the treat and praise.

High value treats work well for recall too. Our Bella had bad recall until we got something was worth it to her to come running. Remember not to let him just run around outside unfenced, he is just a baby and could get injured or run away if something spooks him.


Good Luck

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He is so adorable.. and he's learning so quickly.. some people use a long lead when training for recall..however it does start with the basic "Come."

Julia is absolutely spot on.. with the high value treat idea. and to praise him to the sky when he does come.. Always call him in a happy 'can't wait to see you voice.'

We had that very same discussion about people who come in unexpectedly... I put a sign on the door that reads:

Puppy in training.. Please wait outside til I open the door. Please make no eye contact with her or talk to her at all until you've been inside for a while.. you can help a lot with our training and thank you!!!

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Thanks for your helpful responses. I am not using any treats other than kibble at the moment because we switched his food,and even though we are doing it gradually, it upset his tummy a bit. The gas was killing us, so I am holding off til he gets used to the new food.

Great idea about the sign! Will have to try that. Need a sign telling sick people to go away too. Since we've had Kaiser, we've had a bout of stomach virus and now onto sore throat/fever. He is pretty high energy, so it's been hard to keep up with him and the kids. I feel like I am constantly saying "off", "no", "down", or "no bite" while trying to also be positive and happy. I am hanging in there, but there are days I feel like I am doing everything wrong and messing up.

Here's to the day we can nap together after a good long walk!

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Wolf Pack, we've all had those days! But remember, at any point in your day, you can start over! It really is just like having a toddler in the house and I promise it will get better! Our Harlow is almost 7 months and though some things have improved we seem to be getting into the defiant Doberteen time! it's like everything we worked on, that she knew...out the window! So now we buckle down, make sure she knows who is the pack leader...because if you give an inch, she'll take a mile and it doesn't take long for them to see a hint of weakness and decide to be alpha. It's pack mentality, always striving to be the leader.

Take a deep breath, know that you are doing your best. I got a lot of helpful information from Doggy Dan the online trainer. You can do a 3 day trial for $1 and it was totally worth it! lots of videos to show exactly what to do and not to do and why.


Good luck and keep us posted!