Training Pup to not CHASE kids when they run & Mouthing

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Anyone have tips on how to train the pup to not chase the children (4 & 6) and mouthing. They are not engaging the pup to chase them, she's just chasing them b/c they are running around.

I've tried to tell the kids to yelp and ignore technique but you know how kids are--they half listen or do it way after the fact.

Also told them to reprimand her by telling her no. But same problem as above. They're doing it way after the fact.

Is there another method since I am having problems "training" my kids.

I am thinking about keeping the dog on a leash while the children run around and tell her the sit or down command. Tell her she is a good girl. And when she is doing good sitting/down and is calm. Tell the kids to give her attention. Does this sound effective? I was thinking about doing this method 1 or 2 times daily when the kids are home from school for 10 minutes sessions.

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Am having same issues w/ 7 yr old. she actually corrects before he even does anything. the 11 yr old doesn't understand dont run or dance aorund when he starts going for the baggy jean bottoms....

I have been doing the leash thing and its working... he whines alot but he will get it

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We don't have kids but I nanny and the girls love to come to my house to visit because of the dogs.  Since Steve was a puppy he's had to learn how to play with them, we've had one tumble where Steve jumped on the 6 year old and knocked her down.  Since then I've shown the girls the only way they can play with Steve is to get a tug-toy and drag him around the yard.  If they aren't playing that game, Steve gets watched like a hawk and if he goes to play with them like he would another dog I tie him up or put him in his room.

Maybe if you show them a game they can play together, your dog will learn what is appropriate behavior.  I also have the oldest girl bathe and walk Steve (she's 10) so she can develop more of a working bond with him than she's just another puppy.  They are really cute together.. he is not a cuddly puppy but he insists on crawling in her lap and sleeping, chewing his bone right near her, and bringing her all his toys.  I realize the sitting on her is more likely a little "this THING is mine" but she just glows thinking he loves her that much.

Just pick what works for you and stick with it.  Everyone will get how to interact eventually, especially if you're right there for the corrections.

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Im having the same issue. Ares is now 10weeks and she chases around my 20 month ols son. It hard to get me to help with the training, hes only a toddler. She grabs hold of his clothes and nips at him...I'll admit it worries me.