Training From the Ground Up

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Didnt know where to "topic" this, but due to the youngness, here it is:

We train pups, we train kids.

We need a starting place.  

We have discussed the sadness of rejected and abandoned dogs, and a common desire to improve the life of dogs. Topics have hit upon breeders, owners, education, etc.  I just ran across something for the last area, education.  I was thrilled to see this magazine advertisement and wanted to share with all of you that this idea is apparently in motion.  Unfortunately it is an advertizement to sell a product.  But I'm pleased that the product is there, that in itself, is encouraging.  

Canines in the Classroom, Learning or Fun? It's BOTH!

CCTP  - Canine Care & Training Program 

Call 888-252-8042 or visit

"The CCTP curriculum teaches children about responsible dog ownership, dog safety, behavior and training.  PLUS, it gives students a chance to earn an Industry Based Certification!"

Sounds like advertisement 100%; HOWEVER, The Idea is There and MIght Very Well Have Enough Merit to Stand Without Profit!  Perhaps Cause Will Carry It!

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Sounds cool, Barb :D I might take a look at it :P

When I belonged to our local AKC dog club here in town I was in charge of public education and served on the board. There are similar programs through AKC. They have a huge section for the educators to help get up and running and present to the local schools. We were in the process of getting it going before I resigned all together and no one stepped up to the plate to carry it on. Kind of sad I had some big dreams with what could be taught.

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Don't gove up Des... we all need you!

Your thoughts,suggestions and wonderful advice, has changed the world.. One Doberman at a time



thanks Kate!

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I think that's such a great idea.  If kids are taught early on to respect life---dogs AND humans---maybe the next generation or so will have a few less abused pets and children.