Tips on Introducing New Dobe Pup to our Small Dog

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So, I know it can definitely work to have a doberman with a little dog (female yorkie/pom in this case).  I'm sure it will help to be introducing Koko (male) as a little puppy, probably about her same size or only a little larger.

Aside from introducing them not-inside-the-house (I thought to introduce them by all four of us going on a walk together... judging by the occasional 'volunteer' accompaniment, she ends up okay with new dogs after following them for a block or two), are there any tips and tricks to make sure this goes as smoothly as possible?  Any general advice on the subject?


Trying to get as prepared as possible before we bring him home in a couple of weeks.

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If you're planning on taking Koko for a walk when you bring him home--please confine your walking to your own yard until he has all his shots.  He can pick up some nasty diseases from walking around where sick dogs may have been.

My biggest piece of advice would be for you to ALWAYS remember that Koko is not going to be the Yorkie's size for very long, so dont allow him to rough-play with her.....ever!

Even if you think it looks cute, dont let him.  He will most likely want to run, jump, bite, bark at your little dog, and that's just the puppy in him.  He wont be able to help it.  Give your little dog plenty of places available to get away from him---we have coffee tables, chairs, desks, etc where my little guys can find refuge from a rambunctious big girl when they just cant put up with her playfulness any longer.

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You pretty much got it.  Neutral territory, socialize and always let them know you are the pack leader.  DJ's advice is spot on, dobie pups play very rough and a small dog such as a yorkie can get hurt very easily, becoming fearful, resentful, etc., of your new pup.

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Here is my horrible story about how we introduced poor Ellie to Harley.  Learn from my mistake!  

Harley and his sister were bought from a pet store from a young couple.  They brought these puppies home (to their parent's house) and realized that they could not keep these dogs.  So they decided to sell one of the pups on craigslist.  I stepped in and said I would take the male.  

On the morning that we were going to pick him up we decided to bring Ellie to meet him (neutral territory for her).  Well, she just about panicked (outside of her home and with a strange dog) and started having diarrhea all over thier backyard.  It was so bad you couldn't pick it up (you needed a hose).  She got it all over herself too, and there was no way to clean her up until we got her home.  

We drive an Element which is mostly plastic (you can hose out the inside) and we put Ellie in the back, while Harley rode in the backseat with Kevin.  Poor Ellie!  She was crying and howling and was just miserable!  Then when we all got home, I had to give her a bath.  It was a no good, very bad day for her.


So considering that hindsight is 20/20 here is what I would do differently.  Bring home your new pup seatbelted in the backseat sitting with someone.   Go straight into your backyard with your new pup and let him potty.  Then bring out Koko to sniff and play.  Once everyone is settled then you can all go inside.  Good luck!