Teething Begins.. With a few other questions..

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Hello again!

Recently Max has started his teething (losing 3-5 teeth is one day!). I've been looking for a toy that would help him with it. I have a Kong BEAST, which isn't to beastly, and he has been chewing on a rag toy (looks like a raccoon and a squirrel) which has actually been his go to for everything.

I'm wondering if losing that many teeth is okay at one time, and if there is a certain type of toy that he should be using instead of another. He doesn't seem to be in any discomfort, just chewing more than usual.

Wanting to make this as easy for him as possible.

He's almost 5 months old, and I was also curious to when he would not be considered a "puppy". I have him on Taste of the Wild High Prarie dog food (did a lot of different research on all sorts of food). It fits in our budget nicely, I just don't want to start him to early on the adult food if he shouldn't have it.



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Wow, that is alot of teeth to actually be seen, did you see/find all these teeth or just notice then missing out of his mouth....usually the teeth just fall out or they are swallowed and never noticed.....do his gums look pink and healthy?? Not sure what to recommend for chewing for a youngster I haven't had the privilege in a long long time of having a youngster to figure this stuff out for......I would think something somewhat soft yet firm would be helpful that way there is some give, sometimes toys are too hard for puppies and they can break off their baby teeth, others here will have better feel for this one...