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Hi! Im a new doberman owner and we are so very in love with our dobe his name is Dunkan he is 5 months old and he is just amazing. I work from home so I am always around him although we are crate training him. He goes on a walk everyday except if its raining he HATES rain. I have a two year old daughter and a 6 year old son. My husband me and the kids usually take him on a long hike on the weekend. Dunkan is pretty smart and knows some comands: sit, lay down, gives me 5, shake, drop it, speak, we are working on leave it, and stay. He is very smart and protective. As a general rule if I can not actively watch him especially around the kids he goes in his crate or in our fenced yard. Tonight my daughter grabbed a piece of pizza before I could stop her and he ate it right out of her hand! I must emphasize he did not hurt her at all. However she was pretty upset (she loves pizza) and my son was pretty upset. He has never done this before and I take full responsibility for what happened as I should have put him in his crate they just moved so fast. However I want to do things right. I want to train him properly so that he understand what to do and he and the kids are safe. For now obviously no more pizza at arms reach and I will make sure he is safe in his crate before the kids have any food. But what can I do so that he learns that he can not take food from my daughter or son?
Thank you for your help!

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First of all.. welcome to you and Dunkan to the Forum.. It's a great place to get suggestions, advice, and make some friends with other Doberman lovers..

Sounds as if you're on the right track with your guy and all things are going like clockwork. Good job on the basic commands..

Of course Dunkan took the pizza.. what five month old wouldn't.. ??

I am sorta on Dunkan's side here...might want to sit the kids down and start the training with THEM.... It's a family thing; everyone has to be on board and it's an excellent way to teach the youngsters about owning and caring for a pet. Sounds as if that's just what you're doing.. and you're so right.. things happen in a blink of an eye.. nothing faster than a Dobe pup, an eating youngster and PIZZA... Glad he was gentle.. sounds like a dear little gentleman.

Putting him in his crate during meal times.. or giving him his own space while the family is eating..  GREAT!!! They learn so quickly but will always find the 'weakest link' and pizza is one of the highest.. most prized treats in the world.. ( Just ask your daughter.)

Thanks for joining.. we look forward to hearing from you and watching your young family grow.. more pictures please.. of EVERYONE

Saludos from Mexico

Katie, Sofia and Bella ( also a pizza aficionado..)

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Thank you! I agree with everything you said! We talked to the kids and made a no food around Dunkan rule. My son is pretty good at following the rules. My daughter on the other hand is for sure the weakest link and Dunkan knows it! He knows if he looks at her that certain way she will give him whatever he wants and she won't even make him work for it haha. You can't really blame her he is so handsome ♡♡
Anyways thank you for the advice once I figure how to upload pictures I will post a few.
Saludos hasta México!