Seperation Anxiety

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Hi guys!  Sorry for this to be my first post on the forum but I am pulling my hair out.  We have an adorable 6 month old Dobermann, our first (we already have 2 terriers) and she's a great little girl but we are struggling with her seperation anxiety. 

When we first brought her home we tried crate training her (with a crate and then an additional pen) but she has never taken to it.  As she isn't destructive we don't have a problem leaving her with the other dogs to have the run of downstairs when we are out however, we can't leave her.  She barks.  and cries.  and barks.  We can't even shut her out of the room from us without her making a racket.  Does anyone have any good ideas of where we go from here?  We do need to be able to go out without her sometimes and i don't want her upsetting the neighbours.  Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

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First thing - welcome to the group!!! second thing I wouldn't leave her alone with the two little dogs just in case there is an altercation or just an accident with a big body (dobie) and a little body (terrier). I never leave my rottie alone in the house with chihuahua just because of the size difference. Since she is only 6 months old she is probably getting along with them but as she ages she might not want them around and that could present problems and you could come home to an injured for the separation anxiety I would definitely get back to working on crate training, put the crate in the room you use all the time and leave the door open and put her toys in there and when you are watching TV or something ask her to go inside and praise her when she just even starts into it and encourage her to go all the way in and let her just lay down on her own, get her used to it without shutting it, it might take a month or so to work her into that, but let her do it easy, then begin shutting it for a minute at a time, I have been known to sit in the floor next to the crate acting like I am looking for something on the floor or something and shut the door and keep talking about "dang I just can't find that thing, where do you think it is?" and then when I detect the first blink of anxiety I begin moving around as a distraction and slowly open the door and say "oh well can't find it" and the dog just thinks they were inconvenienced for me, hahahaha, I keep up this kind of desensitizing until I can shut the door for minutes at a time. Then work up to where you can leave the room and come back with her in there and eventually she should get to where she understands being in the crate is only for a short time and not punishment for hours.......the crate should be a den and a happy dogs always once used to the crate go in on their own to nap in peace....