Sensitive to Weather Changes?

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Archie has great days, good days, and needs-improvement days, and I've noticed that it seems to correspond to the weather (more sun = better day). He is very anxious, nervous on cloudy days, and seems to have trouble just calming. Any thoughts or suggestions?

Also, he's 9 weeks old, and hasn't completed his shots so the vet recommended that he doesn't play outside other than our yard (where we "know" who else has played there). I don't like just putting him in his crate (for like 20 min to calm) but that seems to work.

Thank you!!

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Animals are very sensitive to the changes in the atmosphere, barometric changes cause the air to get dense and animals can feel that, sounds like he might be getting some storm anxiety.....if he feels comfy in his crate that is great, you don't have to shut it just let him go in when he feels like it, put the crate where you can see him and monitor him. There is also a wonderful concentrate that you mix with water called MULTI-STRESS you can spray the air over the crate or around him, you can spray the blankets etc. and it provides a few minutes of calming, works great but you have to keep spraying....I would see if he will just go into his own crate when he feels uncomfortable and relax on his own, if so then let him take care of himself, but if it begins to escalate you may need a thundershirt which touches accupressure points or something more like Rescue Remedy.....try other things first, though.....just don't humor him and feel sorry for him, you have to not react to rainy days and storms he should take his cues from you especially at this young age......and I know the multi stress will work with him this small.....good luck cause storm anxiety is hard to other thing to consider, have you had his eyesight checked?? alot of my collies I rescued had poor eyesight and when the sun was not out they were nervous because they couldn't see as well.....dusk was terrifying for my last collie, around 4:30pm he would pace and pant due to his eyesight, he probably felt like he was blind....check his eyes.....

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Sofia is extremely anxious in the wind.. I think not only because of what Tal had to say about the barometric pressure.that's very true... ( with people too) but all the smells and sounds that come along that are foreign to her.