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Hello from Northeast Pa!

We enjoyed the past couple days outside and now it seems winter is back. 

My Doberman pup, Dax, is constantly on the go!  I take him out often to play and potty.  Going out for him at first was a great fear.  I was worried that I could never housebreak a dog would hated going outside.  With lots of praise and encouragement...he's doing much better.

As my subject states.....I sometimes wonder if he finds himself amusing.  At times he goes from whatever he can find, just when I take it away with a firm ''NO'', he's off to something else that he can't have.  I understand that this is all human thinking and he's just a puppy....but he makes me laugh at his antics.

At his age, 3 months, what would be appropriate training at this age?  I'd also like to find a puppy class in my area for us.   In the past I worked with German Shepherds and did some showing as well.  I don't plan to show Dax but I do want a well mannered companion.


Have a great Day.


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Hello and welcome to the Forum.. We're in sunny and warm Baja.. so I sympathize with your cold weather.. makes it harder to train.

We have no such thing as training classes here where we live so I have relied on what I've learned from this forum with our new baby.

So far she's been incredibly easy as she was never inside a house till we rescued her..so naturally she always just 'knew' that outside was where she was to go..

Plus Bella is NOT a Doberman.. so her big sister Sofia has handled the basics.. 'no' means NO. Biting gets you bit back. ( although I do recommend a spray bottle of water just for extra insurance.) Being a street dog she is pretty savvy as to when and when not to bark... so we are double blessed, as La Diva is as silent as a stealth..

Puppies are just plain funny.. that's all.. they just are and three months is down right hilarious!!

Would love to see photos of Roxii.. you're going to make a lot of friends here on Gentle Doberman.. it's a great place to learn.. so ask as many questions as you can think of..

Sorry I could not be of more help.. just wanted to say hi.

Kate, Sofia and Bella

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Hi Roxii, Welcome to the forum.  This is a great place to learn and to make some new friends.  I'm not going to be much help with the puppy training as my puppy is 10 yrs. old.  My only peice of advice, don't let your 10 lb puppy do anything you wouldn't let you 100 lb dog do.  My son let Tony ride in his lap when he was driving, guess how fun much that was to unteach.  lol. As for the sense of humor, Tony has a great sense of humor.  I think they just like to hear us laugh. And yes, pictures please. 

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As long as his shots are all done, you could find a puppy class for him.  Nothing too serious - pups only have a tiny attention span and Dobermans respond best to lots of praise and happy voices.

I've trained Shepherds, too, and they are much more serious and work oriented than Dobes.  Train a Doberman like a Shepherd and you'll have an unhappy dog. 

You can start at home with really short sessions of sit and come - just the basics (if you don't already train that just in the course of a day anyway).  Puppy classes are more for socialization and little bits of training, but they're valuable anyway.

Dax sounds like quite the clown, and yes, I think they do find themselves amusing!  Good luck with him and the weather, too!

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Good morning.  Thanks for the advice.  Every little bit helps with my learning as well as Daxs'. 

I did find a handling class close to me.  It's one night a week.  Dax has only had 2 immunizations so would it be safe to take him? 

I need to work on training him to focus on me  Twigs, leaves and anything that moves is much more interesting for sure.  I have him on a flat collar and i use a 6 ft and 20 ft lead in the yard.  I've read and read forums on many site, watched videos, and everyones idea of training is different.  Especially with collars. He's getting bigger and stronger each day.  He's soon to be 4 months and I'm not sure where he should be as far as him learning.  My concern is he will be too much to handle if he doesn't get some manners soon.   He is so mouthy as well! 

When I had him micro-chipped was his first outting with other dogs.  He made me proud as he did sit by me and just watch the other out of control dogs. 

We are outside several times daily playing and exploring.  The attention span is very short.  My son said he has A D D....lol. 

He has learned a few tricks and quickly. 


Have a great day all!!