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Hi all. Question for you regarding our 3 month old dobe Griswold? What is the appropriate amount and type of exercise for a puppy this age? I know that after a year old they require a ton..and I'm looking forward to that. My husband and I are active and I enjoy running and hope to make him a good running partner. But I've read that while they are this young running on a leash is not advised due to impact on the bones? What about running wide open in the yard/park playing fetch etc? I know the mental part is important and we spend a good bit of time on training. But the physical is where I'm not really sure b/t now and the time he is full grown. Thanks for any feedback.

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I know that it's not good to take them for long runs at such a young age, I'm not too sure what the exact time frame is though...I feel like it's somewhere between 6 months and a year that it's ok to start gradually taking them on runs with you.  I'm sure someone who knows what the actual age recommendation is will chime in! 

I personally am a slow runner and Dakota keeps up at an easy trot lol so I started taking her about a month ago(she is 7.5 months old now)...but I don't take her very often because she doesn't have the greatest leash manners yet and it's really hard for me to keep a good pace when she is chasing every leaf/blade of grass/bird/etc etc.  We live on a farm of sorts where she has pretty much free reign so she gets plenty of exercise that way, in addition to walks and such.   

As for just running around and playing outside I don't think you really have to worry!  It's more just impact activities like jumping and the repetition of running, especially on asphalt, that can do damage.  You will be able to sort of gauge what a good amount of exercise is for him because if he doesn't get enough he will be bouncing off the walls and getting into all kinds of trouble!  Sorry if that seems a little vague, I can't think of a better way to explain! 

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Okay, this brings up a question for me as well. Can Sophie go on walks with me, I'm disabled so it would be short walks only, until I can build myself up a little, but will she be too young now. If so, how old will she need to be? Thanks again, sorry for all the questions.~ Angie