Prevent marking - cruel?

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This could relate to any dog, not just Dobermans.  I’d like to teach my dog to only pee/poo in one place in the yard.  I’ve taught my black lab to do this in the past. 

This, however deprives him of marking the yard.  Neighbors’ dogs will walk by and mark the yard.  My dog would be unable to participate in this social event. 

Is it cruel to prevent outdoor marking?  Or is it a good way to suppress an “alpha” behavior?

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I honestly don't think it matters, as long as your dog knows it's his place, there shouldn't be an issue. Plus, a dog, even if given a designated pee/poo place, will mark the yard unless he is never allowed to do this behaviour, which means being spayed/neutered before they start doing it. My dog has a designated place and she still marks the perimiter, but it honestly doesn't bother me. It's just her way of saying "This is mine... Don't f!$# with me." But no, it's not cruel.