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Hi everyone.  I have a doberman who will go outside, pee and then come back and pee right in his crate.  He is 3 months old.  Help

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is it possible that his crate is too big for him?  I would get something like Nature's Miracle, clean out the crate so that there's no left behind scent of urine in it, and if possible make the crate a bit smaller so that it's more of a den.  I've even put a crate cover over all of my crates so that it's more of a "den" feeling.

Phin tends to make a BIG pee and then a couple other smaller pees in different places before we head back inside, maybe make sure that he completely empties his bladder before you bring him back inside.

Good luck.

Corinne and Phin

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He either needs to stay out longer, or go out more often.  Reward for going outside, everytime.  That's really all you have to do.  If he goes in the house or crate, make a mental note, and then know you have to take him out more often.  Don't punish him for going inside.

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Hello, My Doberman, Duncan is 9 Weeks old and he also has one large pee and one to three smaller ones. I make sure to praise him and tell him to go more pee pee. We're usually out longer than 10 minutes. He still has accidents in the house but he's getting better. Best of luck!!

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Baron and Darth ~ welcome to the Gentle Doberman. There are many posts here addressing potty training. Some key ideas are going out often, praise, patience, clean-up. Repeat the procedure until clean-up is no longer required :)

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Welcome :) 

My Harley has just turned 12 weeks and we have been doing what bbroyals has suggested to you......since last week, there have been no clean-up 

Everytime I took him out I would say 'Toilet' now he knows when I open the door and say toilet, he goes right out and goes toilet.

If you are consistent and patient your pup will pick it up....eventually :)

Oh and what KevinK said.....NEVER punish for going inside. If you do, your pup will just learn not to go in front of you. 

Hope we've helped :)

Kind Regards

Sian and Harley