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Hello...Zena is now 13 weeks and she's still going inside despite the consistent training. She has also started peeing on by bed when she is up there. And thats after she's been outside!!! Help...Im using the bell method and she understands that when the bell rings she goes outside....but she wont go to the bell unless I take her.




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Lol she's still very young sometimes it just takes a little while then one day it just clicks :) My advice would be take her out more frequently and watch for her tell. If she stops playing take her out immediately. It took my boy awhile to figure it out but one day he just pawed the door and I let him out and praised him and from that day forth never had an issue again. Take her out more and just be patient they all learn at their own pace so you don't need to worry all that much :) if you are using potty pads id get rid of them cuz that just encourages potting in the house. I also never give treat for potting cuz some dogs won't fully relieve themselves wanting to get the treat quickly, I just praise and stay patient. At one point I was taking him out every 15 minutes but hey you gotta do what you gotta do right ?


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thanks! Ive gotten rid of the pads already. I take her out constantly look at cues...She has a couple I look for.



The Mrs is the house breaker. Her most used tool is an egg timer. Every ten to fifteen minutes and the puppy is going out the door. When the puppy comes out the crate, out the door. When my favorite TV show is on and I'm really into it, out the door. BTW the Mrs is just the timer, I'm the out the doorer (could be a word, LK a ruling?). There is something else she demands. When the puppy goes out to do the do-do, the puppy comes right back in after the deed is done. Don't go relieve the puppy then play outside, separate the two. Come in, count to ten, then go back outside and play with the ball (I'm a big fan of toys). Remember dogs see things in black and white not grey areas. Don't confuse the two activities.

Being that accidents will happen, there are many products to clean up after the puppy and they all do a fantastic job but the most cost effective is white vinegar. Your house may smell like a caesar salad for a few hours but the puppy can't smell where he did his thing and that's the objective.

And I'm in complete agreement with Ares, no indoor training aids. Remember "black and white".


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My puppy is 12 weeks and She knows that when I send her out she goes potty and comes right back in. However she does not know how to let me know when it's time. Like Gunny I send her out often. After each meal, or drink, after each nap, after play, after crate time... my puppy's cues are only like 2 seconds long so I don't have much time. :) However she wants me to actually go out with her for her to poop. lol. I am trying to break her of that now. I recently purchased bells. Can't wait to try them... Good luck and share any tricks or tips you learn!