Peeing in the living room right in front of us...?!

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So first off: the username "wld-be-dobe-owner" is no longer current since we brought home 8-week-old Maximus last Friday. In brief: I havent slept much since then and he is a real handful but absolutely adorable and I am determined to make it work. Being at home for a week's vacation next week should make things a little easier (especially for the wife :-)

Anyway, apart from the fact that he "passed" one of his brother's puppy collars yesterday (yes, he actually had swallowed that thing since it went missing we assume some 8 days ago and had it gone through his intestines and come out "in one piece (and in one go) yesterday) which caused him to vomit a few times and I think he is a little skinny from not being able to eat well for a day or so, all is well. He is a fine little animal and even already knows to sit to receive food and not to eat my slippers when I say no etc. Not bad for 5 days at home with us.

My concern is house-training.

Not poop: that he always seems to want to do outside. But the peeing. He will pretty much always pee when we put him out. Earlier today I was outside with him and he peed 3 times in 20 mins! But all good when outside. The problem is, that a couple of times each day he just goes ahead and releives himself right in the middle of play-time and right in the middle of the woodfloor in the living room. THe warning signs are limited and usually he has released a small puddle by the time I notice and get to him to grab him and put him outside (accompanied by a firm, "no"). At not yet 9 weeks, I would not consider this a major shock (although the frequency is quite odd).

The good new is (was), at night time, after sleeping on a mattress on the floor with him for two nights, he now sleeps in his bed next to ours. And whenever he moves or makes some wincing noises, I wake up (or am already awake - cue matchsticks between eyelids during the day...), take him outside and he usually always pees (and/or poops).

Now we come to the real thing. A few times we have noticed his blanket in his bed to be damp. We thought it could have been him chewing it or maybe peeing on it while it way away from his bed (we use it as a toy because it has the familiar smell from being with him s and the litter for a few weeks before we picked him up).

Today though, we noticed (and smelled) that he had definitely peed in his bed. but its a big bed so we thought maybe he had done it away from where he sleeps. This evening though (after he had already peed 3 times just before going to sleep), he made a real puddle right where he laid. When I picked him up for his after-sleep pee outside, his tummy was damp and bed really soaked through.

Is this an age thing (after all, I used to wet the bed at aged 10 still...) or a behaviour thing (sometimes I think I scare him a little when I raise my voice due to him yapping at my wife's face or returning for the third time to jump up and add a few more scratches to the leather couch)? Or maybe something medical such as urinary tract infection? Some days ago I think I saw a drop of pee still on his little thing and it seemed to be cloudy rather than clear.

BTW. the snapping at my wife's face is not that much of an issue because he's clearly only playing (otherwise he is more of a licker or at worst hand-nibbler), but my wife is pregnant and I hate to think of him "playing" that way with a baby once he already weighs 80 pounds or more.

I know I wrote a lot but when I was asking questions about buying some weeks back, many of you were all so helpful so I am hopeful to hear back from some of you.

I am trying to be patient but having just done a whole load of washing again for the second day in a row just to try to keep his bed-cover and blankets (and my pants) clean (and to deter him from repeating the behavour due to being encouraged by the already-smelling-of-pee bed/blankets is already becoming a burden - especially since I am running on just a few hours of dozing each night since Friday.

Otherwise, he is such an adorable little fellow - he just fell to sleep right beside me and is sleeping with paws sticking up and out at all angles... so endearing... and it at least gives me the impression he is relaxed/comfortable with his new environment (although he "runs" a lot in his sleep).

I would upload some pics but 30kbyte limit?...

Oh and he screams (yap/bark/howl/wines) blue murder when he is in his little box. But oddly only sometimes. Other times he wines in the background (we use the box mostly only for driving with him as its illegal in Germany just to have him loose (and I think dangerous at 150 mph on the "autobahn")) and then just goes to sleep all curled up... But that is another chapter...

Thanks in advance for any words of advice.


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for the crying it helps a lot if you keep him in the room where he can see you at night or put a ticking clock next to his kennel (i know it sounds odd but it works!) puppies need to pee several times a day. when i was fostering a pitbull puppy i would take her out every 2 hours just to make sure she didnt have any accidents and she learned fast by the time she was 12 weeks she had it down and only went pee like 2 times in the house. puppies need to potty when they first wake up, after meal times, after play (or during lol) and before bed. but it does help if you take the pup out every 2-4 hours so they learn that this is the potty time. the pup is still young and will learn but do not punish the dog for any accidents! and just watch for the warning signs. if a dog is sniffing about its most likely looking for a spot to pee and if they stop in the middle of play and pose weird take them out immediately. most of it is just pay attention to body language

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pups that young need to go out every 15 minutes even if they dont go right then wait they will...

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For your little potty problem, take them out every hour (or less) all day. And for bed time, don't let him have any water about 3 hours before bed and that MIGHT keep him from peeing, taking him out before you go to bed also helps.

For the crate, just give him a toy that he absolutely LOVES and have him play with it while he's inside. It should help a lot with the crying.


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What they said.  Little puppies just can't hold it long, and often dont even realize that they need to pee until it's actually happening.  He'll figure it out, but in the meantime, you need to take him out many many MANY times.

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I do the "every hour" during the day thing with a pup!  Make sure you take them to the same spot, so they know it's the "potty".   At night, the crate is a great way to teach them to hold it, however, your crate must not be too large, just enough for the pup to turn around and stretch out but not so big they can pee and move away from it.  Make sure you take them out right before bed and first thing in the morning!  Having a pup is extra work, for sure.  Just don't expect too much so soon!

Z - holding the H2O in the evening is a good idea if you are really having a problem!

Hang in there...... this too shall pass!

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Congratulations on your new baby. 8th week is very important in their life, be careful with anything that may traumatize him, because in 8th week anything that is negative that happens with them can traumatize them badly. Ears should not be cropped in 8th week.

What I read is that puppy can last in crate for hour amount that is equal to age in # of months  + 1. Two month old puppy will last in crate for 3 hours max.

I got my pup when he was 10 weeks old, and leave him in crate for 4 hours, come home for lunch, take him out, feed him, take him out, put him back, until 4 hours later when my daughter gets home. He has not gone to potty in crate. He also sleeps through the night.

It helps to keep on regular feeding schedule and to take him out every time immediately when he

  • wakes up in crate after sleep,
  • before feeding
  • after feeding
  • every time he sniffs ground and goes little circles

Only hard time I have had so far is when it rains outside. He does not want to go out every time when it rains, few times he has peed by the door, which is OK, I just put some newspapers by the door when it rains and if he does not want to go out, he uses newspapers.

It's a great idea to get bells hanged on doorknob and ring it every time you go out, and he will eventually learn to ring the bell with his paw when he needs to go - that's what out puppy trainer strongly suggested we do. As she said, accidents happen in house when humans don't see/hear dog wanting to go out. Dog has to have a way to let us know when he needs to go.

I feed Blade at

  • 5:30 AM,
  • 11:30 AM and
  • 5:30 PM and his potty going is before and after feeding time.

When he turns 4 month old in few weeks I will start feeding him only twice with snack for lunchtime.

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I leave a radio on when he is at home by himself. Some poeple leave TV on for them to watch, as they love to watch TV :)

For pictures, you can uplaod them on a different server like photobucket, google..e.t.c, then insert link in your post.

Can't wait to see pics of your little man.

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Sorry to jump on this thread, but how do you know when the puppy will go to the toilet by just taking him/her outside? Do you just take them out and then wait until they go?

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You will get into a routine.  A good starting point would to take your puppy out after every meal, after drinking, after a nap.  If your dog has been in a crate for a while, that's also a good time.  That's the starting point.  If your dog is making a mess in the house, then add a trip here or there as needed.  For a young puppy who just came home, it's probably a good idea to take him out at least once an hour while he's awake, on top of these other trips.  At 2-3 months old, they can maybe hold it in their crate for about 2-3 hours max.  When they're young, they give little warning, they just go wherever they are because they don't have any control yet.  With time, you will start to notice a pattern.  Some dogs sniff the ground differently, walk in circles, our girl has a different walk she starts doing.  You will get used to the pattern, and know it's time to go out.  Will take a few months for that though.

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Thanks for your reply. I'm learning a lot from this forum!

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I am a new Dobe owner and my Titus is 9 weeks now. He has been home with me for a full week today!

What I have learned,

1. In the cage, only give them enough room to turn around and lay back down. This way they don't move a lot and get worked up and can hold their pee longer.

2. After eating, napping, or playing hard take dobe out immediately and walk around till he goes. Don't make it about playing outside, make sure it's all business! Take treats to reward immediately as he is going or is finished!

3. Put a calm puppy to bed in crate. Don't put him in there after extensive playing.

4. When outside try to take him to the same spot. If possible, leave a pile of poop around and you will find he/she will frequent that spot again to poop.

5. While inside, watch for when they stop playing and start doing extensive sniffing around. "You wanna go outside?? outside?? c'mon let's go outside!"


Hope my experience has helped. I have found that frequently making sure Titus goes to take a nap in the crate and immediately going outside afterwards allows me to gain control over potty breaks. It also is conditioning him to know that business is for outside. For the first time after a week I actually left the door open and he walked to it! However, still a work in progress for sure!

PS: I have the bells hanging from my door that I ring and say Outside every time. He hasn't figured that out yet but I am hoping and wishing that he will get it sooner than later by this consistent habit.

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Just a little advice on the bells... we taught Harley to ring it himself with his nose.  The door wouldn't open unless he rang it.

He got smart though and has been ringing them to go outside and investigate.  I think he has rang it like 10 times today.  Didn't KevinK warn us about this?  LOL.  We working on that one.  If he rings the bells, then we only go out for potty, no play time.  The upside, we have had no accidents.  Down side, we've got our share of excercise going up and down three flights of stairs.

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I have a 9 week old puppy and he does exactly what you are saying and sometimes goes a few times when we take him out. You are not alone I am hoping it will pass aswel!

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another helpful tip - take them out and say something like 'go potty' until they do...then a few good boy/girls along with go potty while they are going shows them they have done good and made you happy.  seperate your outside play time from your outside potty time so they aren't confused about what to do.  We took Rocky out front to play for the first few weeks and out back only to potty so he would learn that out back is not for play but for 'business' if you will.


one thing I wish I had done was take Rocky to a corner and teach him to go there rather than where he wanted.  you'll get it!