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I am laying with my dobie watching tv. She is asleep on my leg 11 weeks old. Maybe an hour later she wakes up and walks up to my face. I started petting her and I felt something wet on her leg. After some investigation I figured out she had peed her self while she was asleep. This happened twice today...does anyone have any clue as to why she would be doing this. I have had her almost two weeks now and this is the first time this has happened to my knowledge.

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Yes, she's 11-weeks-old, and a girl. Puppies are very leaky creatures and it's very common for them to pee when they become very relaxed. Remember she's changing and growing very fast, and some of those changes can make this kind of thing happen.

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accidents are normal and should be expected from a puppy.  consider yourself lucky that in 2 weeks she only had 1 accident, that's pretty good in my book.

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One think I found helpful when raising a young puppy is to always put the puppy out frequently, especially right after meals. I would feed Princess for example and time 5 minutes after she finished and out she would go. She would first piddle and the produce the small Mt. Doberman after which she was heavily praised, I wanted her to think that was the greatest thing ever!

Back inside, she would be good for an hour at least and most time about two hours. So if two hours went by, we would go out again. I also put her out immediately before going to bed and there was about 2 oz of water in her 10 oz water cup in her crate. She now has a 20oz water cup in her crate and it is generally full when I put her up (if it is at least half full, I leave it alone) for the night.

Because she was somewhat "leaky" up until the time she was about 14 weeks old, her bedding consisted of several old towels easily thrown in the washer if she had an incident during the night. I never use the term accident, for after all, when they absolutely have to go, they go. We do so as well, and I feel the term incident is more descriptive.