New pup and old pup

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We have a male doberman who is a year old. He is very sociable and loves every dog and person he meets.

We also have an 8 week old female pup who has only been with us for 2 days so far. She is kept locked on our back verandah so they can play through the fence but can't reach eachother. If we are outside we open the gate and let him in or her out to play.

They bother quite clearly like each other and WANT to play with each other, but the problem is she is 4kg and he is 40kg! He tries to chase her but ends up stepping on her or accidently kicking her and pushing her around.

He nudges her to try and get her to play and she practically gets thrown off her feet. He is basically too big for his own good when it comes to playing with her.


Can anyone make any suggestions on how we can let them play together without her winding up crying or running for shelter? We don't want to have to keep them seperate until she grows.

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I don't know how to help with this one, she will grow quickly and be able to hold her own but right now she does need to be safe from those big feet and power nose bumps; you could leash the big one and if he starts to get to rowdy reel him in a bit but other than that I don't have any advice on this one; I have a chihuahua and a rottweiler right now but they ignore each other totally but the little one does get stepped on frequently just going into the kitchen to get food; we do trust the little chi to learn to stay out of the way of the big rottie feet; puppies are not real body conscious and therefore don't really know that the other dog is huge and they aren't etc. others here have had this experience so you will get better advice than what I had to offer :))

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We have been fostering a litter of puppies and the last one to get his own home left tuesday. The way we kept Skye from stepping on them was making her go into a "down""stay" during visiting hours and giving her a quick "gentle" whenever I felt she was playing too rough.

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Wish I could help.. We are pup-less at the time. But sure do want to welcome you to the Forum and wish you the best of luck.

Your little one will be able to hold her own in time..but for now, it might be best to keep them separated at least until your older guy is worn out from previous play.

Stay tuned for more suggestions.. what are their names??

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