Mouthing and rough play

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I added a new dobie to my family about 6 weeks ago and his name is Clyde. He is now 16 weeks old and for a puppy has been very well behaved. He knows several commands and is pretty much conpletely potty trained. We are still having some issues with mouthing in which we have tried several different approaches but has not seemed to help. I am just wondering if maybe just keeping up with the same tactics is the best approach, and eventually they just start to learn they shouldn't be biting? We are pulling away witha firm no and replacing our hand with a toy. I also have three children who are 10 months, 2 and 6. I know I am probably nuts adding a puppy to the mix! My toddler and 6 year old usually will just run away when the puppy starts playing rough or biting, so if there is anyone else with young children, what did you do to prevent the kids from being scared?

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What I found that worked best was redirection. If Ares bit me I would give a firm no and place my toy in his mouth and yes all high pitched and happy. Repeat repeat repeat eventually they get it. When he would go for my ankles I used a squirt bottle and would squirt his little butt and always hand him the toy and say like he did the great thing in the world. Trying a bunch of different things is inconsistent pick one and stick with it and eventually it clicks. As for your children I would keep him on a lead around them since the two are to young to understand, but your six year is old enough to learn how to be around him, running away your pup will see as play and want to chase its in any dogs nature to do so. Have him carry a toy as well and give a firm not yelling No and stick the toy in his mouth. Also start having him train him a bit with saying sit and all that jazz as well as feeding the pup so he understands that he has to respect him. This will also help your six year old when the pup get older, bigger and stronger. They grow fast !!!! Anyways hope this helps.




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I don't have much to add, just wanted to second what Ares said! Especially regarding redirection! Stryker was about 4-5 months old when we got him, and in a super mouthy phase. He didn't respond.super well to any negative reinforcement, but once we started swapping good toys out for 'bad' toys (i.e. my fingers), he learned quick. Especially if we praised him for playing with good toys!

I don't have any particular advice for having a home with kids, as my hubby and I don't have any (yet!). But it sounds like you have a really exciting household!

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I have three kids as well, 10 , 5, and 3. Our 16 week old Dobe has had issues jumping and biting them. My 10 year old and 5 year old have done well with yelling NO and either giving her a toy or ignoring her. I can't let my three year old be with the puppy alone anymore as the puppy sees him as a play thing. She will not leave him alone. He has learned not to run away but he still jerks his arms all over the place and she jumps and nips. He got a bad scratch right under his eye because he didn't wait for me to go into the backyard (my three year old is a sneaky little thing) and our puppy jumped on him. I am just telling you this to help you learn from my mistake... I agree with Ares, keep your puppy on lead or at least be close enough to redirect the puppy. We have our first training session tomorrow. I hope to get more tips on this! Good luck to you and your little ones!