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We just recently got our puppy, Vesuvius. He is almost 10 weeks old and we are still working on housetraining him. The problem is that he has started to pee small spots all over the house in short intervals, even after pottying outside. We already have two male chihuahuas inside but they have never had territorial or dominance problems so this is new to us. Wondering if anyone thinks he is marking territory even at such a young age or has any advise as to what to do to stop this. Thanks for any help or tips.

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Puppies pee.  Often.  And they need to be watched every single minute.  If you can't watch and directly supervise, he should be crated.  While some accidents are unavoidable, supervision and many trips outside will eliminate the problem.  Sometimes I take a puppy outside every 20 minutes.  That's to set them up for success and praise when they do the right thing.  People sometimes think they are going out enough but they just aren't.  I recommend setting a timer/alarm on your stove, your cell phone, etc to make sure you take him out often. 

Are you absolutely sure that there are no former chihuahua spots in the house?  If there is any residual urine smell, he may be peeing in the same areas.  Not as marking behaviour but just because the smell is there and he would think it's ok for him to go there, too. 

I hope you're aware that many adult male Dobermans are same sex aggressive.  You could have some very big problems down the road with 3 males in the house. 

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glengate is certainly correct. Puppies at this age are a generally leaky creature. And regardless of peeing, young puppies should either be under direct supervision or safely in their kennel.

We have a male Chihuahua and male Dobermans together, and I've found that it's the Chihuahua who starts the trouble...