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Well, my wife decided to get another dog. I am not sure if this was a good decision or bad but I made it clear to her that Apollo is not going outside :). She managed to get a small dog, which I realyl didn't want but I guess she is the pack leader of the primate world in our house. The issue I am having now is how do I introduce this pup. Apollo is about six months so I am hoping that this will work to my advantage. At the dog park, after he was picked on by the rest of the dogs, he did very well with the small, younger puppies. He did not show any signs of agression but I am not sure it will work the same at the house since Apollo was there first. I am very confident that Apollo knows I am the pack leader as he is very submissive and listens to commands that he is given. I want some input on what methods I can use to make this as simple and friendly as possible. The new pupp is a mini schnauzer, not that I don't like those dogs but I am just a large breed fan. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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whew, good luck first of all...large and small dogs can mix but I think anyone that has done it will agree it's not always easy.  You're biggest problem at first will most likely be Apollo wanting to play with the new pup.  Don't let them!  Apollo is going to play way to rough for the new pup and could hurt him.  You didn't mention if the new pup was Male or Female??


If it's a male that could bring a whole new world of problems later on.   As the little dog grows up he may one day decide he's in charge and he won't realize how little he is.  Apollo may be ok with that or he may snap back and could easily hurt the little guy. 


I'd keep them apart unless they are calm and don't allow them to play rough...teach Apollo what 'gentle' means...

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Well i am just your oppisite!! I have 2 mini schnauzers and I am looking to add a dober pup in Nov.-Jan time frame.  Our current dogs are male and female. so I am adding a female thinking that will be the easiest of the two evils... (sorry bad