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My sweet Magnum has to use a gentle leader when we walk, at the ripe old age of 16 weeks he jerked me down a small flight of stairs...he was REALLY excited to go outside!

So because I forgot the treats to use with his gentle leader he was literally bucking like a horse during our walk on Tuesday night and laying in the grass refusing to move (of course I gave him breaks). Although I would not allow that behavior I did laugh-a lot. He is in intermed classes right now with a very dobie-smart trainer and she recommended this.


Do any of your dobie-babies do this? What do you do to correct the behavior?

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Is this the collar/leash that pulls the head down? if so I have read on here many times that that is not recommended for the doberman due to neck stress that dobies seem to be sensitive too so you might want to find the threads that talk about what collars to use for what purposes. I personally don't like anything that pulls the head downward for the same reason, even my collie had neck issues after a groomer used this type of lead on him. So a heads up on that one.......hahahaha literally a heads up, :))

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IMO, the first problem with the Gentle Leader is that it looks like a muzzle to people who don't know any better which feeds into the negative public perception we are always fighting with our Dobermans. 

And, as talisin said, this is a breed that is predisposed to cervical invertebral instability (CVI aka Wobbler's disease) and the Gentle Leader exerts a lot of torque on the neck which is unsafe for this breed. 

I just really don't think a Gentle Leader is needed for a 4 month old puppy.  He needs training, yes.  A Gentle Leader for a puppy is way overkill, imo. 

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Thanks for the feed back guys! What else can I do since he pulls so much. I flew down my stairs leading outside because of this. He is in the intermmediate classes right now. We are in week 4. He has everything else down pat but the loose lease walking is a challenge.

Walking on the inside of the house is a different story, without a leash he walks glued to me. He is def a mama's boy.

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I found the best way to get Bella to walk to heel is to hold the lead in my right hand (so it's across my body) and hold a treat in my left.  Walk about 10 (or so) steps telling her 'heel - good girl!' every second step and give her the treat at 10 steps.  I gradually built up the time between treating her, but constantly praised her and saying Heel.  She can now walk to heel both on and off the lead when told too.

Although, if Lullah is walking with us she will pull so she's in front!

Bella is VERY food motivated though, so if it doesn't work for you try using a favourite toy instead.