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Hello, I have a five month old male puppy named Monty, who is awesome and ejoying puppy life. I had a few questions:


1. Monty is getting heavier by the day (~50lbs now). Id like to teach him to get and out of my Jeep. It seems as if he doesnt know he has hind legs...he puts his front paws on the back but eventually gives up. I usually push him and help him ge in the car (followed by lots of praise, treats or toy), but it doesn't seem to be working...it's almost as if he is giving up. Getting out of the Jeep is worse - he is scared to jump out (he is very confident in all other aspects). Any suggestions? Will he just grow out of it?

2. Recently while play, he has started getting in my face (if I am sitting on the floor). I usully follow this with a stern "NO" and raise my index finger and give him a serious look - almost setting him know that his play is getting too rough. He has snapped at my as if he is ready to bite...what should I do to cut this behavior? When he snaps at me I usually follow it with an even stern NO - and he backs off or runs away. I want to make sure he realizes that I am the alpha and snapping (or growling in the future) is NOT acceptable. 

Thanks! Attaching a pic!

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 Does Monty leap and jump about when playing/ does he seem healthy in his structure / back +legs etc? 

Maybe he is just a chicken. Maybe because you always lifted him up he thinks thats the right way and he submits to this because he is trying to please you. Is there a crate in the car?

If you think he likes to go in the car just ask him to get in, otherwise he doesn't get to go. Teach him the words and the rewards of travel, 'get in' , beach, dog park, so and so's house etc. 

Our Bella is a real jumper and was pretty agile when we got her at 10 months/ 50 lbs. She loves to get in our big and small cars and a few times when she got away we told her to get in the car and she did!

jmho all play must be gentle 

He sure is a looker btw his ears are gorgeous.

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I agree it could be a physical thing since he doesn't like to get in OR out, make sure that the vet clears him of all possible problems then begin letting him know that he has to get in on his own, maybe put a treat in the car leave the door open and ignore him and see how he sneaks the treat out, if he doesn't get the treat or gives up then he must have some issues with balance or something that makes him feel insecure when his feet are not on the ground.

As for the biting I would first not give him the opportunity so I would quit getting on the floor for the time being and begin his training again from square one......there are others who have dealt with this before that can shed more light on it but I would put him back in kindergarten he's really testing you in my opinion with that behavior, training him in a refresher course would be good. I know I did that with all my dogs when they acted out, we started with the sit, down, stay, I mean back to basics stuff until they learned this is how we do it and I won't hear any argument from you.....

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Thanks for the response. No he doesnt have any balance issues...he jumps/runs/explores things are usual. In fact at the dog park, he seems to leap off structures just fine while chasing other dogs (how wonderful is a puppy's life?????? :)). 

Im just wondering if the SUV is too high for him and he needs to grow a little to be able to jump into it...although my friends french bulldog (much shorter) gets in the SUV just fine. I will keep trying with treats and toys for now...I have started pushing him into the car (supporting his butt so that he can get in and follow it with lots of praise). 

Yes, we have been through puppy class, and are now starting basic obedience (lots of overlap in those two classes), but I will make sure I dont sit on the floor anymore. 

smk, as far as him jumping into the Jeep, give him time. Even though he's 50 lbs he's still just 5 months old. There's still allot of goofy there. When he figures out that the Jeep means the park, woods or even Mc Donalds, (I get mine a plain burger) he'll leap in there. I will suggest when he does go to jumping in start to teach him to sit before he gets in and after he gets out. Both sit are quite useful.

With the "getting in your face", again a 5 month old puppy. You're initiating play then fussing when the puppy plays. Very confusing to the dog. You can't expect a puppy to have the reserve that an older dog would have. I would suggest to just stand up then the puppy cannot get in your face and you can continue playing without issues.


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Draco is having the same issue. He learned to jump off the couch when he was about 3 1/2 months old; but he has only learned to get on it by himself in the last couple of weeks (about a month later). He is so proud of himself!!

About the same time, he has started putting his front feet up on the seat and looking at me to help him get in. I have an SUV as well, the backseat is his. Typically what I have done is brace his shoulders and neck to he can crawl on up. He makes absolutely no move to jump out though. He comes to the door and knows I will grab him around the middle with one arm and put him down. He's starting to get a bit heavy for me to actually lift him up and down.

About a week ago he finally jumped off my bed which is just a bit lower than his seat in the truck, so maybe we are making progress. He still needs help to get up on the bed, though.

Logically I would think he would jump up on things before he jumps off them; jumping off just seems as though it would be scarier.

I keep telling him that he's getting to be a big boy and needs to learn to get in and out by himself, but I figure he will do it when he's comfortable with it. Until then I'll just have to give him a hand. Yes, my little dragon is a bit spoiled.  :-)

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I put my car in the back yard. Sat in the back seat with treats and called Storm in. It took her a little while but she jumped in with me and I gave her some treats and some play. I got out of the car and called her out and gave her some treats and some play. We repeated this process until she was happy to get in the car on her own.

I made the mistake once of babying her in the car by helping her and if I hadn't realized my mistake quickly I would have been in trouble. Just by helping her once, she started to expect it every time.

I agree with gunny. I taught Storm to sit and wait before getting in the car, and more importantly to wait before getting out. You never know what might be around when you pull up, so keeping her in the car until you size up the safety situation is a good thing.

I also agree with gunny re the play. He's still a puppy. Get up and ignore him for a bit when it gets too much. He'll learn that playing rough wont get him what he wants and he'll gradually learn to play nice.

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I agree to teach them to sit before getting in and out. I taught Ares to jump into my SUV by putting him on leash and me crawling threw the car to the other side I would show him a treat and say "load up" and give him a gentle tug on the leash. Once he was in I would give him the treat and say good load up with lots of  petting.  With a lot of practice sessions you will have no problems. Ares hates my leather seats though lol. They are slick and he doesn't like to slide around lol. So I got him a sling to keep him from sliding off the seat when I come to a stop. He loves to ride in the car now. 

Gun_slinger ares loves plain burgers from mc Donald's lol. You say burger and he waits at the front door in a sit until you put his leash on. That's his high value reward lol.