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Hi Guys

Can somebody advise me on feeding schedule's, the breeder told me that he needs to be fed at 7am, 1pm, 6pm and 9pm until he is 1 year old!! When I had my previous Dobie I fed him 3 times a day, the latest at 6pm until he was 6mths old then I switched to twice a day.

What does eveybody else do?

Also, she recommended that I feed him raw beef off the bone along with his puppy food, again, any alternative menu's

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Feeding 4 times a day until he's a year old?  That is totally unnecessary.  I saw on your other post that he didn't eat his last feeding.  Assuming that he ate well this morning it's ok to drop the last feeding. If you're putting food down and he leaves some, it's ok to give just a little less next feeding.  I played it by ear about the feedings.  If he goes through a growth spurt he may required a little more and so forth.  I don't remember when we dropped the midday feeding but it was probably around 6 months.  Some dry dog foods suggest that you feed a little extra protein so the raw beef wouldn't hurt.  I couldn't do anything like that because my girl has a sensitive stomach and if I gave her something like that she'd get diarrhea.  If he's not a little glutten about his food, just play it by ear.  What brand of food are you feeding?

I've always free-fed (food available all day, stopping around 6 pm [avoids messes at night]) a puppy til they are 4 months then go to 3 times a day. Around 6 or 7 months I feed twice daily working them into my schedule. When they're 6 to 7 months to adult, you should see just a hint of rib in their side. If they're getting heavy, feed less, if thin, feed more.  

Mine are fed raw all the time so I have no probs with the raw beef. Just get the best food you can afford that the dog will eat and change it up every few months. Imagine eating chicken EVERY day for years, BORING!!...lol

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I got Rolo 2 weeks ago and am certainly no expert but our breeder said 4 times a day but I weigh his food so he is getting the right amount for his age. I just asked the vet when we went this week how much he should be eating and they said it seemed about right for a puppy his age.