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So everything I saw said that a puppy should be fed 3 times a day until age 6 months.  However, on the food I feed my Zeus (Simply Nourish large breed puppy) the feeding guide said that at 12 weeks to change the frequence to twice a day.  I've had him on twice a day but he doesn't always eat much at his morning feeding (He's 14 weeks now).  He's definitely a healthy boy but I was wondering if anyone else had experience or words of wisdom with the 2 vs 3. 

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I went with how he wanted to eat now at five month he will only eat twice a day I would have preferred him to eat three times a day but he turns his nose up at lunch time so now it twice a day and since he isn't eating three times a day he gets a healthy snack at lunch time :) I will say at 3 months he was always excited for that food bowl to go down but now he only cares about breakfast snack and dinner lol we have also been spacing out his breakfast and dinner to smaller portions through out the day to make sure he doesnt have a bloat issue. He's an active kid :)