Is this expected puppy behavior?

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I have my new puppy and I'm loving every minute of it! I picked him up yesterday and he is a sweetheart. He is 8 weeks old and obviously new to everything since bringing him home. I have a couple questions, he whines a lot and is quite shy. He will only stay in my room and is hestitant to walk anywhere so of course this leads me to pick him up and take him every where . He wanders every where outside but not inside, and this also leads to him not coming or listening. Is this normal for an 8 week old puppy? House training has been good so far, and he doesn't cry in his crate. Long story short I need advice about how to help him overcome being shy and learning to be comfortable inside, helping him listen, and the whining. I know he is a baby and can't expect much from him at all, but is there anything I can do to lead him in the right direction? Thanks!

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Your pup is behaving normally IMO. He's just been taken from his mother, he's in a totally different environment he's going to take a little while to adjust. If you dont want to be carrying a full grown doberman around with you every where you go, I would not be picking him up to take him around with you! Besides, this WILL lead to problem behavior/s down the track.

Try this if you want him to follow you around (he will do this on his own, but this might speed the process up for you, and importantly it won't do any harm) : drop a treat beside you on the floor and let him take it. Take a step and do the same again. Do this throughout the house.

When he's paying attention to his new treat dispenser, start treating him from your hand when you take a step. When he's happily doing that, you can take two steps between treats, then three then four, then you can start fading out the treats.

Now puppy realizes theres only one game in town and thats you. He'll grow in confidence because now he knows the food resource is taken care of, thats one less thing he has to worry about. I'm sure you'll have him following you around the house on an invisible string very quickly.

It might be an idea to start with teaching him to sit soon after this, so that you can get a sit from him each time you stop walking.  These are some of the foundations that will help you with further training down the track.

Its important to keep every thing happy for both of you. Puppy hood doesn't last long. Enjoy :)