Exercising Help! I'm Confused.

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We have a 12 week pup and his name is Nixon.  I've been reading that you have to limit their running until 18 months.  Wow, that seems like a long time.  We play fetch with him and go on walks (which I'm reading should be very limited too).  That just doesn't seem like enough for him, he comes back in the house bouncing off walls.   The past two nights I have taken him to a large open park and we just run.  I'll put his leash down and let him chase me until he gets tired then we'll sit for a bit and go again.  He seems to love it and it takes the edge off, though not all the way when we are back in the house.  I don't want to do this if I will cause Nixon any harm in the future but I'm also trying to save my ankles and arms from his nipping from pent up energy. 


Also, what other activities do you do with your young pup? 


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"Limiting their running" while they are young should be amended to say "limit their jumping" or "dont force them to run", as in jogging or running with your dog on a leash.  The natural running a puppy does is something you really just have to let them do.  You should, however, not go running on asphalt with your dog running alongside, forcing him or even allowing him to jump things over 6 inches tall until he's around a year old, or more --- just  because the growth plates in his legs and feet are still not finished growing.  Your pup will stop running while playing on his own when he's tired enough. 

You can also help tire him out without so much running.  Give him some mental games to play---find the toy that is hidden, or play hide and seek with him. Start some basic obedience training with him.  Mental exercise works very well in tiring them out, also.

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sunna loves to play find it ! i will hide her toy and tell her find it !!! she goes nuts till she finds it also when out in the the field i let her get ahead of me then duck behind a bush or tree and call find mama ! she stops whatever she is doing and comes running to find me she has gotten pretty good at finding me

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Great advice from everyone.. I agree that dogs need exercise and plenty of it.. Our trainer is completely against long runs every day.. says it does nothing but get them wired.. that mental exercise is what they need.. \

I actually did not believe her until I tried it.. and yep.. after an hour of beginner's agility Bella was more worn out than when we ran her for twenty mins. She slept the sleep of the innocent..

Give it a try with Nixon and see what happens.. they love to learn and are so quick to 'get it' that you'll be amazed..

Have fun

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I have never heard of limiting their running!  But I would caution that at 12 weeks you may want to reconsider taking him out for walks.  Dobies are especially susceptible to parvo so it's safest to wait until after their 3rd shot (should be at 16 weeks) before taking them out.  

I would love to hear what other types of mental exercise anyone would recommend!  

Zeus is 4 months old today.  He had his final parvo shot plus rabies last weekend and was cleared to go out in full force by this weekend.  I took him to the beach for the first time and holy cow it knocked him out!  He was out cold within 30 seconds of getting in the car when it was time to go and slept like a log that night!