doing everything right but puppy continues to soil in house

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I have potty trained dogs before. We are having potty training problems with our little girl, Hailey. Basically we are crate training her. The crate trainining part of the trainihg is  going good, actually. She does not soil her crate at all. If We put her in for a couple few hours, Then I pick her up and ccarry her to the door and outside, then she pees. Upon peeing she immediately gets a treat, so she knows it is for peeing. I always reward her for pee/poop outside immediatlly upon elimination.

But she might have been outsisde say for 20 min, peed, then come back in, pee  in the house, then 10 min later pee again in the house (for the 3rd pee). I cannot predict her at all. Its as if shes not in the crate, she just goes when she has to. She has been repremanded (not every time) for going in the house, so she has been given positive reinforecement with some scolding also.

i dont know what to do with her. It seems she is leaving packages faster than she can able to make them!

At this point I have to say we have had her for 3 weeks, she is 12 wks old. Maybe Im expecting too much of her. Its just that I feel we are making no progress.


Other than potty she is a total delight. She gets along and loves to play with our 2 yr. old black lab. She might try to nibble your finger, but I repremand her genty and she stops. She is very affectionate, we all (incl. Maggie our lab) love her very, very much. Thats why the potty trainining is getting me so. Shes really perfect in every other way.

I have set up an area of the kitchen and adjacent dining area for her. we have, hoever, let her outside this area. I would say this is the problem, but then what about coming back into the house an soiling, aftrer a successful outing?

Any advise would be really apprecitted.


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Lol I'm really sorry I will say out of any dog I have potty trained Ares was the hardest he did exactly that with no warning so it was next to impossible to predict when he had to relieve himself. We tried everything including potty pads and no go sprays... Didn't work. We got to the point where if he was inside he had to where a diaper. We let him outside a lot and we started to just stay outside with him for longer periods. I never used treats cuz they can get overly excited about the treat and not empty all the way :/ so I used tons and tons of praise. He didn't really become all the way potty trained till about 4 months. Now accident free for two months. Don't be hard on her they are just oopsies and it will get better with time and consistency. It's takes awhile but once they get it they get it. Have you ever heard of the bell trick ? Teach her to ring the bell to let you know she has to go :)

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i would make her follow you to the door [ not pick her up ] while saying in an excited voice wanna go outside !!!! once out tell her go do your business or potty comand praise praise praise when she does and maybe stay out longer. they are babies and can get distracted easy maybe she is not releiving  herself all at one time you think she is done but really she just found something to investagate and stopped to play .

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We Also did with bane, after every accident we would immediate NO, then on our way outside with a nice tone said "we go potty outside" and lots of love with success.  Bane is 6mths and only when we're not on top of it has had an accident on the porch.  Good luck and don't give up!! She will learn :)