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Hey every one,

I got my first Doberman, Titan,on Nov 17th of this year.He was born August 22nd,2010. So I got him when he was about 11 weeks. I'm wondering if maybe I picked him up too late and he has bonded to dogs instead of people? I have a 1 yr 3 month BC X Aussie, Saedy and a 1.5 year old Cat,Moose. Titan focuses in on Saedy or Moose. If Saedy is upstairs and he hears her whine, he will go upstairs to my room where the dog crates are.

 He was the only male of the litter, he had 5 sisters. There were 4 sisters when I went to go look at them. The four sisters were exactly how I expected Doberman pups to be, hyper,bouncing up and down,mouthing,teething,biting,pawing. He was very shy and reserved. Titan has scars or scratches that are healing, on his belly from his crazy sisters. His parents are CKC registered and they were raised on a Farm. 

I train with Michelle Limoges, who has TWO Doberman's trained in SAR and is well known in the Doberman community- she has written articles on Dobermans & SAR and has been in newspapers for it. We are apart of the same SAR group. I've seen her Dobermans working, as well as German Shepards,Labs,Retrievers,Aussies,Cattledogs,etc and it can only be described as 'Mach 9'. Is this something Doberman pup's will "grow into"? When I adopted my BC X Aussie from a Rescue she was WAY more active than Titan is. Titan will play for around fifteen minutes before napping 30minutes to 3 hours if he's not disturbed. I took him to the vet for his shots and dewormer, he's completely healthy. He was 29.8lb @ 11 1/2 weeks. 

He is more interested in rough housing than fetch or tug-o-war.So any tips on how to get Titan to start playing Tug or fetch?

If I throw it, 60% of the time he will run to it and play with it right there, or pick it up and run away, or pick it up and come a little closer to me. The other 40% of the time he stays beside me, looking in the direction I threw it.

With tug, I can shake the rope infront of him and gently bop him with it to instigate him to grab it all I want, and 50% of the time he will just sit there. I find if I give it to him when he wants to chew, and gently pull it side to side while its in his mouth, he will sort of hold onto it..and like 5% of the time he will actually tug back for maybe 5 seconds?

This will sound silly, but I was actually looking forward to adding a high energy dog to my family! I don't think Titan has ANY prey or hunt drive in him for him to pass the "SAR Instinct" test.. 

Sorry about it being so long. Thanks for your help in advance.


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I would think that since your Saedy is barely over a year old hereslf, she is still very much a "puppy" and puppies want to play together almost more than anything else.  When I got my Ziva, she was 8 weeks old, and I already had 4 other dogs at home, but all were small in particular, Lilly, was only 6 months older than Ziva, so they bonded quite quickly, both being puppies.  I had to separate Ziva from Lilly for her training, just to keep her attention.  Try taking Titan outside while Saedy is inside or the other way around, so that you have Titan's undivided attention for training.  That's the only way I could get Ziva to pay attention to what I wanted more than to what Lilly wanted. 

If he has a more shy/quiet personality than his sisters do it's possible that he's just that kind of guy, you know?  Ziva isn't as quick to accept strangers as my sister in law's dobes are, and would rather step back from people a little bit than run to them wigling all over for pets and hugs like her 'cousins' do.  She's just got that type of personality, and I learned to just accept the difference.

Also, I tried and tried to get Ziva to chase a ball and she just looked at me like I was totally nuts till she got about 6 months old, and all of a sudden, a tennis ball was a very valuable item, and she LOVES chasing after them now.  Give Titan some time to adjust to everything.  He's still a baby.

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Also remember, a dog this age in the wild would still be spending most his time in the den with a baby-sitter. He'd only come out when the pack returns with tummies full of food to share.

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We got Rocky at 12 weeks -


Rocky to this day won't play fetch, he has zero interest.  If he really likes/wants what you have and you throw it he will go get it about 2-3 times, then he just watches you throw it and walks away as if to say 'why do I bother, you're just going to throw it again anyway'.   Not all dogs are like the same things and Fetch is one of those..


As for the other dogs - that's easy.  They are more fun than you.....he just want to play and you want him to do stuff.  it's not personal or that he doesn't 'like' you.  You just aren't as fun at the other puppy is....