dobie weeing in cage

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My puppy is 4 months old and he is still weeing in his cage every day what can i do to stop him weeing in his cage and also when he is in the garden he keeps barking any advice would be greatly appreciated

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Well,  a lot more info is necessary to even begin here - 

1. How long is he kept in his crate? 

2. Is he let out and does he go before he's put into it?  Are you sure he's going? or are you just lett him outside and assuming he went potty? 

3.  How large is his crate?  too big means they will use it as a bathroom...

4. Have you talked to your Vet about a possible urinary infection or other health reason being the cause?

There's a start to help with the answer


As for the barking - are you just leaving him out there alone?  because, he will of course, bark it's what dogs do when they want something.  Most likely's probably more annoying to your neighbors than it is to you.  Take him out to do his business and bring him inside.  Doberman's don't love to be left outside for long periods by themselves.  They want to be with you...he's acting up because you're not there to correct him most likely.


Have you had Doberman's before?  They are a lot of work and not like most breeds. Lucky for you there are lots of great people on this site and I'm sure more will chime in with good info for you.