Crated Puppy How long?

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Hi everyone,

I don't work at the moment so I stay home with our 11 week old puppy.  At night we put him to bed from 10pm and take him out around 7am.  He's super good all night, sleeps through it and never pees or poos in his crate.  

During the day I put him back to nap after he's been out for an hour or so.  But I let him out after 2 hours or when he wakes up.  Sometimes I need to do some house work that will take a bit longer then 2 hours or need to run errands that can take up to 4 hours...  

And that's when I start feeling terribly guilty.  Sometimes I'm cleaning and he's awake and whimpers and the guilt comes but I really have to finish whatever it is I'm doing.  Is it wrong to leave him in his crate when he's awake?  I wonder how people do it when they work?  Is it bad to leave him for 5 hours if we have to go to a friends birthday party?  Basically I wanna know how everyone else lives their life with a puppy.



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Don't feel to bad sometimes you need a break nothing wrong with that especially if he's sleeping and isn't messing in his crate. I personally only crate at night time. Our kitchen is blocked off and puppy proof so that's where he stays when I'm not home. If he starts to be a grump cuz he's tired I'll put him in his crate of on his tether for him to settle down and take a nap :) we do a lot of training throughout the day as well and exercise :) sounds like you are doing what works best for you. When he was little little I would put him in an exercise pen during the day when I needed a break or had to get house work done. He had his toys, chews, water bowl, comfy bed andddddd a potty patch just in case. Lol everyone has what works for them so try not to stress so much :)