crate trainin, 3 month old.

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I was encouraged to keep asking if I had questions so here goes:


crate training, at three months:


He has been crate trained from day one, he will stay all night now, 8 hours! without a peep or pee. and is calm and quiet when I wake up and take him outside.


the problem is day time:  a few days ago I was away more than the two hours I had planned and by the time I came home he had peed all over the crate, was standing(silent thought) but obviously discomfortable. I took him out, he pooped, and then I cleaned the crate. but even before this, he will have a small accident inside his crate, not like a whole bladder's worth just a little trinkle, and sit next to it... but only whnew I am gone.. not when I am in the house (as far as I can remember...hmmm)

I have stood outside my front door as I have left to hear if he is making any noise and he is not, when I come back (as usually)= and he has not peed he is quiet and layting down either sleeping or just waiting for me.

 I have also noticed outside he seems to willfully stop peeing before he is empty..


I stopped giving him treats to go outside so that he wouldn't start to think more pee times equals more treats, so he just get's praise now...



my poreviouse dog was totally crate trained in two weeks, and I never leave Gogh alone for more than a couple of hours during the day. so it is not like he can't hold is(I always take him outside before I leave, and always let him out as soon as I get home...)

any tips??? or thoughts on what this is? or how to deal with it?


I am goint o vet in a few days, will ask about urinal infection... but don't seem like that's what it is...


thanks people.





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I don't really have advise on this I don't crate my 3 month old during the day he stays in the kitchen and is let out periodically cuz he knows how to tell someone when he has to go so I haven't been having accidents in the crate for about a month now! I guess if I were you I would take him out right before you put him in the crate and make sure he goes. When I have to leave my puppy completely alone I take him out make sure he goes then I put him the kitchen of course it's baby gated off mess on the time is a lot easier to clean up ... Anyways after he comes back in I give him a his kong toy filled with peanut butter and ham and make it difficult for him to get it cuz he's a smarty and when I come back after a few hours he still at it.
I don't know if this will help but it's the best advise I got. I have put potty pads under the lining of his in crate just in case he has a accident makes it easier to clean up. But like I said he hasn't had an accident in over a month !
I hope I helped some what :)
Good luck !
Speaking of the kitchen I comletely baby proofed it just in case... Never would want anything to happen to the lil guy :)