Can't find a treat my puppy likes!

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the only thing she kind of likes is canned food, but i'm looking for something easier to use as a treat...brand & name suggestions would be appreciated.

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My pup will eat anything, so I never had a problem finding a treat.. but what I found easy and inexpensive for early training, was hotdog cut into tiny pieces. Good luck with your training.

I use pupperoni cut into small pieces for training bribes .

For just because treats I'll use Beggin Strips . AKA doggie crack .

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Watch out for canned food.. SOOO much sodium..

I've used celery, apples pieces, banana... any vegetables or fruit  that WE eat, ( aside from tomato)  appeals to the Diva.. Pepperoni.. OHHH num yummy!!

P.S. Gunny.. what a great litle Doxy you've got there. Thanks for adding him to your profile

LK , thats Sir Tobie the dobie slayer . He thinks he's 10 feet tall . So does Jewel . LOL

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Lets, see. Pepperoni cut into small pieces. Jewell, you have been a good girl. One for you, two for me. Jewell that was a good sit. One for you, three for me. Jewell that was a good stay, one for you, four for me. Etc, Etc, Etc.