Behaviour issues at 4 1/2 months

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Hi everyone

Anyone have any advice or suggestions on how to deal with our 4 1/2 month old rebellious boy?
He's been through and graduated puppy kindergarten and was doing really well up until the last couple weeks.
Now he's not listening 80 percent of the time, is constantly running to the back fence barking at the neighbours and their dogs, is back to wanting to jump up and nip at the back of our legs etc.
It's as if he's going through a complete rebellion.
We are at a loss and have no idea how to get him to start listening and obeying again since he does know our commands he's just choosing to ignore us all together.
I know he's in puberty but is this a normal faze and how did you get through it or correct it.
We're open to any and all advice, suggestions that don't involve severe corrections.
Thank you all in advance 

Oh I should also mention, yes we do redirect, we've brought him in and crated him as well until he calms.
He is exercised and well we practice training sessions often but unfortunately he's now only listening when he wants.

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Hi katopup, my female Doberman puppy is also four and a half months and she has started not listening very well, intentionally disobeying me, grabbing and running off with things after she knows I told her not to do it. she has also started growling and barking in my face if I tell her no although when I make myself big and yell she does listen, unfortunately it's because she gets scared or intimidated. in all the research I've done all the books I've read basically boils down to you have to be the alpha or the dominant pack leader all the time, 24 /7. Eventually they recognize and act accordingly. Also keep in mind at that age they still really are just babies and a puppy is going to be a puppy. some of it should definitely go away as they mature. But wow it can be frustrating! Hang in there, I know how u feel.

Young Rock

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Thanks young rock!

Ya he's 5mon now and still a bugger lol mind you things are sticking in his head much easier now at this age it's just the challenging that's frustrating.

Yes definitely have to be the leader cause he sure tries to be lol

Unfortunately because of this challenging behaviour we haven't been able to have our granddaughter over for almost 3 wks now.

As much time as I spend a day working with him he's not letting up trying to be the boss so we're getting some pro help to help us get through this stage lol

thanks for replying though I find I rarely get replies on here for advice so I stick more to the doberman chat forum and have had lots of support and advice there, great forum! (:

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You've got a little teenager on your hands, He'll grow out of it by 8 or 9 months. It's difficult but just be patient. Any training during this time will some what be useful but like I said he's a teenager. A doberteen. They all go trough it.

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Hi Binosgirl, thanks for the reply!

He is now 10 months and oh what a time we've had, a few trainers several thousand later and so much for all positive reinforcement training ):

He literally got way out of hand on us which we were told was most likely due to a couple things, one being our mistake of buying from a backyard breeder (never again), and two he had no litter mates.

Talk about learning the hard way!

He's come a long way an still has a long way to go as he's a challenge every day but at least has learned whose the boss, unfortunately we had to resort to e-collar training, mind you he responds very well too and is no longer a threat to any of us which he was becoming and very quickly to where we were afraid of having to relinquish him to a Doberman rescue.  Thank goodness we found the help and resources to not have to do that.  I have to say though even though we naively got him from a backyard breeder I'm thinking we rescued him because someone would have definitely given up on him and who knows what his fate would have been.

We're hoping by summer he will be ready to ween off the collar which we were told most e-collar trained dogs are around 4 months but with his challenging behaviour they figure a longer period.

The funny thing is he was not assessed by 3 different trainers as aggressive what so ever just one of the most challenging they'd ever seen.

Yet both his parents were the friendliest ever that really stunned us.

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So nice to see others struggling the same way I am. LOL.  Dax is about 5 months old and at 4 months he started acting up like crazy. He has been in puppy class for 3 weeks now and it is helping him some.  We do our training sessions every morning and night several times and he is very smart. But he is unruly as all get out, my goodness he is a big challenge for me.  It's just me and Dax at home and I need to convince him that I am the Alpha. More times than not, he is the Alpha and I am furiously working to change that every day.

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check out the 5 golden rules to becoming the pack leader. I learned an awful lot from this guy!