Advice on sleeping - how much?

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Hi everyone, thanks for this wonderful forum, I have learned lots already!!!

We have a 9 week old girl, black and tan, and totally gorgeous - called Tonka.  She isnt our first Dobie but our other two were rescues so this makes her the youngest Dobie we have had.  I get the biting/mouthing thing (the dobershark effect!) and we are a work in progress!!

My main concern is the fact that she doesnt sleep enough!  If we are sitting quietly she will happily fall asleep but as soon as we both leave the room she comes with us, which is fine except that if we are outside she runs around outside, plays happily with her toys, or our other (8 year old, not very active) dog.  She is happy to be playing somewhere nearby and I was thinking that was okay, but I have just read somewhere that she should sleep 18 hours a day!!!  Should we shut her in when we are outside so that she sleeps (she howls a bit but she does settle eventually) or is it better to let her decide when she needs to sleep!!   Any advice would be great!

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Well her following you when you leave is completely normal and I would suggest a crate. I still use my crate when I know my boy needs a nap. ( he turns into a turd if I don't make him nap.) crate training is a great skill for the dog to learn and also helps a lot with potty training. 

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Oh my gosh! Already learned something very valuable. I always put our little Maddie, (14 wks) in the crate when I have something to do that doesn't involve 100% paying attention to her and she is fine with going in the crate. My hubby was trying to let her be more free, but when I came in today, he was so frustrated because she was acting so wild all afternoon. Now I realize it is because she was up too long, just like a toddler. Once I got home, I fed her, babied her, took her for a long walk and put her to bed with just about a minute of whimpering, then snoozed out. I'll have to tell him that the baby needs her naps if we are going to live happily ever after!