3 month old puppy advice...we need help!

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Hi! After consulting this site many times, I finally joined & this is my first post. We have a 3 month old puppy Sunny who we brought home from the breeder at 8 weeks old. She is very smart, very loving, and very strong willed! We have had great success with potty training and basic obedience, but are struggling with a couple of issues. First and foremost - nipping/biting. She plays with us like we are littermates, and we have tried everything mentioned in the threads on this site. Re-direct to toy, "ouch", "no", ignore...nothing works. We do not believe in aggressive training measures. She has started biting very hard and breaking skin. It seems to occur right before she passes out for a nap. She gets hyper focused and will not stop no matter what we do! We are wondering if our schedule is off. How much should she be sleeping during the day at her age? She gets a ton of outdoor exercise and playtime, 10 minutes or so of training multiple times a day, and naps for an hour or so at a time between meals, exercise, and gnawing at our limbs! We want to establish a good set of rules and boundries for the household, and could use some advice on schedules and bite inhibition training. We are trying to settle on a local trainer, if anyone in the area has a recommendation, it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much, and so happy to join this community.  

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Welcome to the forum!

Sounds like you have a typical Dobershark on your hands - lol!

While I've had several Dobes/crosses, I'm not a trainer, but there is one thing that comes to mind right away. As pups, they are a lot like toddlers - when they are tired, they can get really wound up or cranky. Sounds like that's what she's doing. I would try putting her in her crate a little earlier, maybe with a chewy toy or something, and see if she doesn't just pass out because she's tired!

There have been a lot of great suggestions here about teaching them not to bite - a lot of them probably better than mine. But it sounds like you've tried most of them. What I did when my pups would bite my hand or arm, I would move my hand/arm towards them, rather than away. It kind of took the fun out of it for them, and all my pups learned really quickly. For feet and legs, I used a squirt bottle. None of my pups liked getting wet, it didn't hurt them, and they got so all I had to do was carry the bottle, and they knew not to nibble on me.

Some folks here don't agree with that, and I'm ok with that. All my dogs didn't seem to have any problems with it, and they all grew up to be lovely dogs who really loved people and were very polite and kind dogs.

Best of luck with your girl! I'd love to see a photo of her! (Hint, hint.)

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One of the tricks on here that I have read and take no credit for is frozen wash cloths!! And ice cubes. I agree she is just like a toddler, she is teething and that hurts:/. Bane did exactly the same but as soon as most his adult teeth came in he has really stopped (cept for when we try to move him when he is sleeping :)). We also will grab the bottom of his mouth if we can and give a very stern "no bite!!!" He doesn't like it one bit!! Don't worry, this will soon end and as my armes and ankles have yours will too heal :)have fun!!