Won't sleep through the night anymore

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My puppy is 12 weeks old and is now having issues with sleeping. As of 3 weeks ago he was completely sleeping through the night and would not wake up until I would wake up. But now for the past week he has been waking up every 2 hours and whining to go to the bathroom.So after 30 minutes of whining I let him out one time a few nights ago and now I feel like he has free range and an get up whenever. Besides that one night of letting him out I haven't changed his diet, or his exercise routine or when we go to bed or anything. He feels the need to get up even with the smallest amount of pee in him. I'm starting to hate what he is doing and was wondering if there is any way to fix it?

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Hmmm it's a hard one. Is he in a crate or does he have a run of a larger area? I'd be inclined to just ignore it, but I know my girl has the run of the kitchen so if she was desperate she could go and wouldnt have to sleep in it (there would just be an extra job for me in the morning!).


Is he ok with peeing in the day or is it more frequent? Any chance he could have a UTI?

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Konkie... that's just what I was wondering.. Maddie.. have you checked with his vet to see if it is a possible UTI?

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that and maybe not getting enough exercise?

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We adopted our pup (not a dobe) from a shelter at about 4 months old and he was great in his crate at first.  Then he stared whining in the middle of the night and I'd take him out and he would pee, so I would have to praise him because we were potty training.  He gradually started whining 3 or 4 times a night and would pee everytime I took him outside.  He was older than your pup, but we decided to bring him into our room to sleep on the floor.  That solved our problem.  He just wanted out of his crate and was smart enough to know how to get what he wanted!  Good luck!