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My Doberman is 10.5 months old; has a very social and engaged lifestyle, since I take him to my workspace (we are building products, models, etc- so theres lots of physical activity)- where he meets and engages with lots of people everyday. He also gets walking/ slow trot exercise twice a day and 40 mins of mental exercise on most days. When he wants to rest, he voluntarily goes to his crate (right next to my desk) and dozes off, during the day. 

However when he is awake, and hanging around- I see he has a need to be angaged all the time- he wants someone's attention, needs toys, is upto some mischief. I never see him relaxing when he is awake.

I am wondering if this is a problem... I take him home to sleep at night (10 pm)- to an apartment- but he is still quite hyper and in the mood to play- until I put him in the crate at 11 pm- he goes in relunctantly- but sleeps there until 6:30 am without any trouble. In the apartment where he spends maybe 2-3 hours a day of awake time- he is looking for constant stimulation- his behaviour becomes much more puppy like. If I give him toys- he goes berek- tossing them in the air- prancing around, disrupting furniture and being a nuisance. If I dont give him toys, he starts chewing on the rugs, whatever he can get away with- when I'm not looking. I have hardly ever seem him awake and doing nothing- unless inside the crate; and I dont like to put him in there for disruptive behaviour.

So, is there a way I can relax him more? I can start giving him some adult toys- he loses interest in the treat dispenser category very quickly. He still loves the ball, rope and sqeaky toys. Isnt it time for him to start showing some maturity? He is my first Dobe- so lots of room for learning and imporvement from my side too.

Hi sounds like a lucky puppy having so much stimulation mentally , but I think he needs a good old run about ! He's very young & I think you would have an excellent dog if you increased training & excersise . They need to burn it off , all the energy. ! Training whilst excersising him can be very tiring for him. . Good luck . Paola & Mina 

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 Welcome to the forum.

Aguirre is very lucky to be with you so much of the time!

But he needs to run, all out, off leash hopefully for 1/2 hour almost every day. Bella sleeps almost all day after her run in nature with us. then in the evening we play inside.

They are so beautiful to watch when they can do this and almost always are far more obedient, grateful, and relaxed.

Is there a yard or dog park somewhere that he can run/ Even a long hallway racing down ( over and over)   to get a toy will tire him out a little.

Our Bella adores her toys, and never has destroyed anything but her stuffed animals which do't last long. The rubber chew toys last longest.


Good Luck! 

 He looks a beauty in your avatar...post pictures!

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Dear Ingrid and Principessa,

Thank you for responding. I actually stopped his free runnign exercise since he is out of control in open spaces, does not respond to his name, runs after other dogs, kids and their playthings. I thought the controlled trot would help him discipline his mind. Will re-start the run today.

And here is a picture of him at 9.5 months. One on his ears has flopped since then or re-taping right now.

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Also cannot figure out how to upload a photo! Have one to share!

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Here's how I do it:
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you will then see your picture in the bottom right corner of that little window
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Sounds like a lot of steps but once you do it a couple of times it's really fast...


He is still a baby!  Let him have toys and bones. Mine are 9, 6 and 2 and still have toys and bones!

He needs exercise, but do not force it on hard surfaces. Free running is the best, but it should be a controled area - ie fenced. 

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We have a doberboy about the same age.  Toys and bones are a staple at my house.  LOTS of them.  Everywhere. Ours is non-stop entertainment and getting him worn out is the key to a pleasant evening.  Thankfully, we have companion dogs to help with that process.