Tug Aggression with Other Dogs

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My dobie is a spayed 1.5 month old. We've been taking her to the dog park since she was about 6 months old and she's never snapped at any other dog before. She's always been a little shy but she plays just fine with other dogs and LOVES the dog park. The second you say the words she gets up from whatever she's doing and is ready to go.
She has never exhibited guarding of her food, her toys, anything. In fact if 'her' toy is on the ground in front of her and another dog runs by and snatches it up, she'll chase but she's never reactive. She will also never chase anything another dog is going after.
So here the problem!!
She does NOT tolerate playing tug with another dog. She will never take anything from another dog's mouth, she will never initiate tug with another dog. If another dog has something she wants, she'll chase the other dog and play with them but she will never forcibly take what they have. If another dog is chasing her because she has a toy they both want, that's fine. If she drops it mid-chase and the dog gets it and runs, she's fine. If she has the toy and the other dog grabs it while it's still in her mouth and plays tug with her, she snaps (not right away but after a few seconds). She goes snapping after the other dog making high pitched noises like she's scared. She's never actually made contact with the other dog, it doesn't seem like that's her purpose. It seems like her purpose is to let the other dog know that what they did was not OK and to back off. But of course we've also stopped it ASAP so who knows what could happen if we didn't stop it. This has just recently started happening. She's played tug with dogs before and been just fine. But in the past week she's snapped at 2 different dogs who tried to steal her toy from her mouth.
I don't know why this is happening all of a sudden but it seems like she's made up some rule in her mind that it's inappropriate behavior to take something from another dog's mouth. She won't do it to other dogs and seems to expect other dogs to understand not to do that with her either. She doesn't do this with people and we can take things from her mouth with no reaction from her (besides maybe some resistance).
Any advice would be much appreciated.