Training and Trainers

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Just really wanted to add, that I have noticed in just in my area alone, the number of so called trainers that are popping up! They advertise on Craigslist, forums,etc. They do home "calls" for ridiculous amounts of money' and attempt to work with "behavorial" problems. It is interesting to note that a fair amount of these people have never TITLED a dog, never taken a dog to a CGC certification but yet consider themselves trainers! With that being said I just wanted to state that in my years with the breed, my first obedience instructor was an AKC judge who utilized strictly the Koehler method! Definitely not for all dogs! But definitely workable when modified! I am not usre why any dog over 6 month requires a pre obedience class? Thinking that is just another way to make a few bucks! As is the same with the CGC classes offered! I have been very fortunate to have trained with trainers/classes that do exhibit their dogs! Even though you yourself may never enter the ring, at least you have the experience to guide you! Before entering a class, ask for credentials, successes and certainly any expereince in any exhibitng in any venue! Remember this is your dog, and with the wrong instructor, you can cause far more damage both physically as well as mentally!