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Hello everybody……
I have a query…hope someone replies….friends I have a female dobe puppy shez 45 days old…but I have 2 leave her at home from 9 am -2pm as I work at office and my father visits me sometimes not much frequently….so can she lives alone …and does living alone change her temperament……
also one thing i want 2 add z dat i play with her in the morning for more than an hour and in evening that will be fine to her, the time...which i can spend with her....plz do reply…..
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Welcome to the forum!  45 days old...did you just get her?

That's great you're playing with her in the morning and evening.  I don't really have any advice for you about temperment.  I think good training and socialization at the proper time and circumstance would have more impact on her temperment than having to wait for you while you are away at work.  For us, it appears that everything comes back to training and more training...

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Training is the key.  Making sure she is in a safe, secure environment (like a crate) while you are not home is important too.  Puppies often can get into mischief.

Spending time with her is how you bond and how you make sure she is getting the stimulation she needs.  Activity toys are good to give when you're not home too - I give my dogs their lunch in a kong in their crates when I am not home to keep them busy and happy.