Strange Behavior, Normal?

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Hello!! I have a 5 year old dobie girl, we got her when she was 4. She had pretty much no training whatsoever, and we were able to get her potty trained, crate trained, and walking on a leash without pulling (for the most part, she need LOTS of reminders). What is strange to me is her overall demeanor. I've been around dobes my whole life, my horse trainer used to breed them, and have never seen anything like it. She almost seems manic or severely anxious. For example:

When we walk her on the leash, she insists on walking just slightly ahead of me, and she'll keep pushing the issue. She knows what heel means, Ill say "heel" shell do it, then try to inch forward. All the while she'll jolt forward, then immediately jolt backwards because she knows she cant be that far out in front of me. Back and forth she'll beam forward then be like "oh crap!" and go back.

On car rides, she LOVES to go for rides, she gets so excited, then after some time in the car, maybe 10 minutes she'll start to whine and act frantic, we have her tied otherwise she'd pace. She has plenty of room to lay down and move with the leash it just prevents her from trying to jump upfront. I'll try to give her a command like "lay down" to get her to calm down, rather than saying NO, you can see her wind herself up.

The woman I bought her from seemed very nice, but I dont know what environment Breesy was in during her first 4 years. She just always seems so frantic and high strung, even being around our very calm Boxer for the last year.

I will also add that she gets very frequent exercise, i run with her and she has a big yard we fetch in everyday. Im sorry this was so long. If anyone else has experienced this or knows how to help ease anxiety please let me know!

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My collie had some high anxiety from unknown cancer but to us at the time it was just anxiety for no reason, we got human grade rescue remedy (the store was out of animal grade, human grade has some alcohol in it the animal one doesn't) rescue remedy did tone my collie down and eased him through all sorts of anxious moments. He would actually sit with his back to the driver/passenger seats and stare out the back window barking at the cars behind us, after a few times of rescue remedy before getting in the car he finally got to where he would just get in and lay down....the leash pulling not sure if you want to try rescue remedy for a few trips to see if that helps, you could try it and if it helps then you know its anxiety otherwise I would ask Kevin for advice on the leash does sound like she had some anxiety in her previous home that no one addressed and it escalated and now you get to teach her otherwise or at least control it as best you can......good luck......OH there is also this thing called "multi-stress" that our vet uses, you mix it with water in a spray bottle and mist the dog and whatever the dog will be around and it instantly relaxes them but it does need to be reapplied often, it is used when you need them to stop what they are doing long enough to focus on the fact that there is no reason to stress.....they sprayed my 19 year old cat who was getting nasty towards them for an exam and she literally appeared to pass out, but of course she is frail, but it is harmless it just relaxes them.....I have some and it does work to settle their nerves, but rescue remedy worked the best for long term reaction....