Still having accidents in the house

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Bella is a 16 month old spayed female. We got her @ about 10 weeks oldand crated her for about 9 months while not home or at night, gradually allowing her more freedom when we would go to the store etc. Finally she was able to be in the house full time and has access outside via the doggie door. The problem is that about once week she'll go the bathroom in the house. Went back to crate training during the day while at work and at night. The crate is pushed up to the doggie door so she has access to outsider, but every time we try to allow her more freedom she will have an accident. What are we doing wrong?

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In my opinion, she is sending you a message. If she goes in the house, do you make a big deal out if it and scold her. If so, she may be using that to get attention. After all, bad attention is preferable to being ignored. This is common in dogs and kids. I have seen many instances of kids that were perfectly behaved when their parents were not around, but once they showed up, the kids acted up. They wanted more attention.

Now I am basing this on the assumption that Bella did not have diarrhea and would normally tell you if she needed out.

f course sometimes we miss the signals. With mine, they just come and bug me to no end, and if I mention the word "outside" they run to the door. Big clue, I just have to read it.

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Stubspub -

            I agree with rgreen4. Is Bella only going potty in the house when your not home, if so it sounds like the crate will be needed for awhile. If she is doing it while you are home, she is doing it for attention. If she has picked a spot or multiple spots that that she keeps going in; it will help if you play with her and make her sleep in those spots. Pay lots of attention to her and let her know (or make her feel) like your always watching her. Then when she does mess on the floor, make a big deal out of it. Don't be physical with her, but act like the world is coming to an end and hurry her outside. If she still has enough in her to go once you get outside and she finishes - give her a treat right away praise and play with her outside (let her know how proud you are.)

 If she doesn't go potty once you get outside; turn around and come back inside immediately. She has either already finished inside and doesn't have to go anymore. Or/And taking her outside trains her that going to the bathroom inside will be her signal for going outside to hangout/play. Avoid playing with her outside for awhile (I know its summer and alot of fun) but they wont mess where they play and sleep (unless they have no manners and are dirty). So it might be because she plays outside that she may not want to potty outside if she's in the playful mode. 

  If she potties inside and doesn't go outside (once rushed out there) when you get back inside (immediately) don't pay any attention to her for atleast 15 minutes, don't yell at her or talk to her of anykind (no matter how much she wants to play or get petted). You can give her eye contact with a disappointed face; she will know what you mean!!!  

   Dogs will do anything for attention - even negative attention.

Hope this helps

Carentz - New York