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Diesel is just over 3years old and now he's scared to drink water. I believe it started a week or so ago while outside. The screen door swong in the wind and hit the stainless steel bowl and he must have been drinking or close to it at the time. Now I've tried assuring him its OK to drink water. Moved the bowl well away from the door. Switching to a plastic bowl. And now the last few days he won't drink inside as well!!!!! Its getting crazy lol. He has a lot of funny querks about him and I love that but not drinking isn't a good thing. Any help is awesom

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I see you've already tried switching the bowl. try not to fuss him too much if he doesn't drink because you enforce the scared behavior rather than the one you want. A tip I read somewhere is to put a bit of goats milk or puppy milk (not cows milk because of the high lactose) in the water, just enough to colour it a little, often makes them more inclined to drink it!

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Konkie has a good idea.. dogs eat with their noses... I've used low sodium chicken broth to tempt.. it works really well.. also to insure enough fluids, we'll add water to their food.. turn it into a 'stoup.'

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The ideas above are great and should work well. In the unlikely event you have any issues, you could freeze a few hot dogs into one big ice block (water in an ice cream container in the freezer is perfect). Pup has to lick the ice before she can get to the good stuff inside. Broth in the ice will help too.


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put the bowl on a rubber drawer mat to keep it from making any noise or sliding around, you could hold the bowl for a few treats etc. to show that you are not afraid of the bowl. Put a treat in the bowl hold it, when he eats it put the bowl down let him see you put the treat in the bowl and see if he will eat it, then start making it broth, water, goat's milk etc. until he realizes fluid is not the issue....the silly things our dogs do really make us put on our thinking caps