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I went out and bought a very large doggy bed pillow for Jewel . So I put it down in the den to let her sniff it ,see it , watch Tobie lay on it (Tobie's looking at me like " THANKS DAD ! ") . Anyway , later on into the evening , she jumps up on the sofa (she has been allowed to come up on the sofa) , I/we tell her off , bring her to the big doggy pillow and get her to lay on it . She didn't stay on it very long , she looked kinda nervous then went and found one of her bones lays on the floor and starts chewing . After a while she walked over to the big doggy pillow and laid down on it with her bone . I'm thinking "alright !".

She gets up comes over to the sofa , jumps up and I/we tell her off . Off she goes to the floor , finds her bone and lays on the floor . A little while later she's back to the sofa and again with the "off".

Now through out the evening there were a couple of "offs" and she has been outside to water the grass , she walks over to the very large doggy pillow and pees on it ! We were speachless ! I don't think this was an accident , too well aimed . Hadn't have one of those in like forever . Even if she did have an accident when we weren't there , weenie dog would rat her out PDQ , we would know .

I'm thinking she was mad at us or she was mad at the doggy pillow . Not sure what to think . Revenge comes to mind though .

O.K. gang , let loose with the thoughts .

P.S. Jewel's on the sofa now and Weenie Dog is UNDER the big doggy pillow both sound asleep

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Hmmm Maybe she's marking her new territory to keep weenie dog off.. You know.. "I don't want it.. but I don't want YOU to want it..."

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sounds like revenge to me!  My aunt and uncle used to have a boarder that would tease their dog, a maltese.  the dog didn't like it and would pee in the boarder's shoes every time he left them at the front door :p  never peed in anyone else's shoes though!  Sometimes the pooches are much smarter than we expect!

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Spite pee!  Trust me rocky is the king of revenge behaviour...haha


leave him in the house while we work in the garage without him and the second the door shuts something is getting pulled off the bed or out of the laundry and chewed.  Never at any other time will he do this, unless he's 'mad'.  When he wants in, you get about a 5 minute window,  where he'll scratch the door or bark once and if he's not let in, in about 5 minuts the outside rug gets it....


it's really more spite than revenge I think...haha  and I completely believe he knows exactly what he's doing.

LK that sounds about like something that would happen BUT weenie dog is attracted to that like a magnet . He'll pee on anything that has been previouly marked in the last 20 years . Maybe she didn't consider that . LOL

sweetpea , I just can't figure out who or what she is vengeful for . She was sending some sorta message . To who ? Me , Toby , Mom , the pillow , all of us , none of us ????

Lori ,could be spite . I'd rather see her chew up but (LOL) I guess that was her way of saying...something , I still can't figure it out .

Update : This morning she was all sprawled on it just as comfy as you please , looks up like " Sup !"