Peeing on older dogs

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I have an American dobermann "Roger", who is a bit of an alpha male, he doesn't mind older dogs, he just wees on them, and is happy to be around them. We have a 10 year old doberman at home who is sterilsed, that Roger wees on too!!!
As a puppy he was attacked on his lead, so now any dog that approaches him he waits until they are close enough and grabs them by the throat. Once he managed to escape his lead at the dog trainers property and started chasing a horse. He is a family pet and is very lovable and not aggressive to us, but outside the home in public he is very protective.
I have owned 3 dobermans before and they have been very easy to train, been in advanced training classes by the time they were 18 months, Roger is smart but tends to be a bit headstrong, and cannot be let off his lead around other dogs, hopefully he is just late maturing.

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interesting that he would be "claiming" the senior dogs by urinating on them, that would be my take that he is claiming them by marking and that makes them ok in his brain, they are his now so they are A-ok; odd but I have heard of it and my chihuahua used to love to pee on Ben's big old rottie feet while Ben was peeing it was the silliest dog behavior but I am sure it has a purpose.

chasing a horse that had to be a scary thought and a visual.....can't help just wanted to say I sympathize with your plight

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I had a male dog some years ago that used to pee on other dogs from time to time (and once...  once only lol... he peed on my ex when he couldn't reach the other dog haha)  In his case it was just a dominance thing, and I imagine it might be the same in your Roger's case.  (With Nathan it was usually small dogs he would pee on...  'This is all I think of you...' lol)

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My first Dobe and his brother were adopted by me and my boyfriend at the time. (The Dobe lasted, the boyfriend....not. Ha.)

One time the boys were playing together and my boyfriend's dog was watching me, and deliberately went over to my boyfriend, and, making sure I was watching, peed on his leg.

Mine, he says. This is MY person. Not yours.