My doberman won't stop chewing on thing.

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Hello, I am new to this. I have a doberman named Alpha and he is a very energetic dog, also very beautiful.

I have one problem with Alpha, he does not stop chewing OR reaching out for things, whatever thing there is on a high place he just reaches out for it and drops it and he doesn't even pay attention to whatever he gets after it hits the ground. I've tried teaching him but he just doesnt listen. Has anyone experience this with their dobe? what can I do to fix the problem.

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Wow that could be dangerous for him if he doesn't stop he pull something down on himself that could hurt....I have not, thank goodness, had a dog that "counter surfs" and yanks things off, my first question would be are these things that are hanging off within sight??? if so push them back so whatever he sees he doesn't see someTHING hanging there with an invitation to yank it....if he actually puts his feet up on things to reach back and get at things you might need to clean everything off till he learns that there is nothing up there to get to....he sounds bored to me....

Since he likes to use his mouth maybe you could work with him to use that to your advantage and train him to retrieve or carry things like a job....frisbee maybe?? think of things that are done with a dog that likes to use their mouth and try to get him interested in using his mouth when YOU want him too and not when HE wants to....have him fetch or carry things for you......always use a natural movement or habit to your advantage :)) it makes him happy and you too.....

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Titan swallowed my panties the other day. Threw them up and swallowed them again... and the threw them up again, he was constantly not listening, being what we doberpeople like to call a doberteen. Just over all bad behavior. My final straw was last night when he got hit by a car chasing a cat, he didn't get hurt but I screamed like someone killed him. I got him a correction collar otherwise known as a shock collar. It's worked like your wouldn't believe. It's not just a shocking devise its a tool to help you train them. I highly recommend them.