My dobe loves crayons and the trash

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Hey everyone,

Any suggestions on how I can keep my two year old blue dobe out of my trash can in my house. I also have an issue with him eating things like crayons. He literally poops the rainbow. I cannot leave him out of his kennel when I am not home because he eats things when I am not around. Any advice on how to get him to stop?

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oh goodness after years of reading on the forum to me it appears that dobermans have this thing for eating all sorts of weird stuff; not sure how to get them to stop when you are not there to monitor except if you can't watch your dog crate them or leash them to you, that's the only sure way, unless you can make certain everything that the dog can pick up to eat is put away.

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I found a kitchen trash can with a lockable lid at Home Depot for $25.  It's just a snap with the hand to lock it, easy.  Fancy now thankfully will leave all the other trash cans in the house alone, but that kitchen on is too hard to resist.  Now, to get the rest of the family to comply and lock the darn thing!   

She also LOVED the crayons, and any stationary supplies for that matter.  I remember once when my grandson was over he happened across a pile in the backyard.  He came running in to me and said, "Fancy has blood in her poop!".  It was a red crayon.  For the most part, stuff on the desk is safe now except for her fetish.. post-it notes!  She'll leave everything else alone but those.  I caught her yesterday with a brand new pack.  What a weird-o!

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We use child/baby gates to contain Storm. Shes 12mo, but is still not ready for unsupervised use of the house. She's good supervised, but she has to be told to leave the trash alone from time to time. Left alone, I've got a pretty good idea what would happen. Still working on that one.

She doesn't counter surf when supervised, but I've seen her pick up her toys off a table we have outside when she doesn't know I'm looking. Still working on that one too...

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I suggest finding a locking trashcan and replacing all of the one's he gets into. With the crayons... All I can say is anytime you catch him going near them with the obvious intent to eat them, give him a gentle correction to let him know that it's bad. At this stage, he should be constantly supervised when not in his crate. A leash attached to your belt is a good way to do this so that you're still able to get things done.