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Hi everyone
I haven't posted in a while,but today I had an incident on our daily walk which I would like to discuss here.Kira is now 17 months old.For those of you who don't know she came to me when she was 4 months old,she was extremely fearful with what seemed no socialization.She was scared to death of people,dogs and a world as a whole.I'm still struggling with everything,but up until today I was so proud of her,she became better with people (adults),she will even approach them on her own and interact,at home and with everyone she knows is great,loving and affectionate,dream dog really.I started doing more obedience with her to boost her confidence,she also gets plenty of exercise.To get to the point,today when we walked home from our walk a group of kids walked on the same sideway.They were usual kids,laughing and being "goofy",Kira minded her own business and just as we were passing next to them she lunged and acted pretty aggressive.Although I'm more keen believing it is fear rather than aggression.Luckily she was on a short leash so I managed to pull her as fast I could.The moment kids passed she acted normal towards adults.Usually she couldn't care less about people passing next to us whether they walk,run,bike or whatever.I made sure to expose her to everything as much as I could but I guess I couldn't make up for the lack of early socialization.She is usually fearful around kids and some people if she met them for the first time,but she rather runs away than acts aggressive.What scared me is that I don't know what she would do ic the leash was longer,bite or not? I can't stop overthinking the situation and it stresses me out,everyone in our neighbourhood knows her as a shy sweetheart,she often interacts with known adults and our friend..Usually I tend to keep things under her threshold and remove her from the situation if it is stressful for her,but today she was fine until it quickly escalated.She was leash reactive in the past but only with the dogs not people.I will contact my behaviourist again,but as holidays are here it will have to wait for a while.