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How do I get my 8 month old girl to stop jumping on people.  I don't mind it so much, but she's getting pretty big and I don't want her hurting my girlfriend, friends or family.  Since she was little we have discouraged her jumping on us by pushing her off and firmly saying no.  Well, months later she is still doing this, so obviously this method did not work.  Any suggestions.  She mostly jumps up on us when we let her out of her crate, or if someone walks in the door.  I know she is doing it out of excitement but the bigger she gets the more I worry about her hurting someone.

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we taught dakota to sit when she wants attention.  when she's jumping around, or out of control, (which she now rarely does unless I just come home from work, and she's super excited) she gets nothing but ignored... when she sits down, the fun begins!  Anytime your pup does something you don't consider acceptable, give the no or leave it, which you do, and re-direct to something fun and positive.  after a while, there's no point in doing anything that you don't consider to be ok, because there's many more reasons to do something you DO consider to be ok.

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I have found if there is no acknowledgement.. no eye contact.. the dog is very docile.. Do not greet Fifa. Ignore her completely when she comes out of the crate and ask your arriving guests to do the same when they come to your door..

. If she comes up to you and tries to jump, bring your knee up straight into her chest.. it will not hurt her I promise, but it will teach her that jumping on you or any one else is NOT allowed. She could injure someone SEVERELY with this behavior.

Thanks for writing.. always ask..